Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legend Pat Miletich teaches police officers to fight

Unless you're out there on the streets, you have no idea what our law enforcement officers are up against. To deal with today's criminals, they have to be on top of the latest pharmaceuticals, technology and fighting techniques. That's where the subject of this week's NRA Life of Duty highlight comes into play.


NRA's Life of Duty takes a look at California Game Wardens.

California State Department of Fish & Game Wardens are tasked with tracking poachers. Their primary concern focuses on wildlife preservation and conservation and emphasize the importance of hunter education. Now their mission has changed. For today, these Wardens are fighting for our national security and quality of life.

As one Warden said, "We still do the regular Fish and Game work, but then we get into the Drug Trafficking organization cartel gunman who isn't going to stop and talk … that's the direction Fish and Game has gone, to do those hard heavy jobs."

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NRA Life of Duty on Ed Eaton

NRA Life of Duty's takes a look at the actions of a then nineteen year old Ed Eaton. Volunteering for active duty, a somewhat rare occurrence during Vietnam, Eaton ultimately achieved the designation of Scout Sniper. Those skills came into play one night as two groups of Viet Cong swarmed the downed helicopter that carried Eaton, his Captain and his team.

To hear the full story, visit the NRA Life of Duty website now.

NRA Life of Duty recently released a Patriot Profile on Navy SEAL Chief Adam Brown.

One thing that could always be said about Adam is that Adam was wild. Always willing to push himself when trying something adventurous and new, Adam is a classic example of a true American hero. A man of unyielding courage and faith, Adam Brown lost his life while serving our country in Afghanistan.

To see part one of NRA Life of Duty's tribute to Adam Brown, including interviews with family and friends, please click here.

This week on NRA's Life of Duty Network, we take a look at 3 Echo 9; the men and women who serve as U.S. Air Force Emergency Management Specialists. These are the people who gear up in the Level A HazMat suits to take care of everything from major aircraft accidents to the ever-present threat of an offensive biological warfare.

"My wife doesn't have any fears about what I do," explains TSGT David Yeo, an Air Force Emergency Management Craftsman. "If something was going to go wrong then it was going to go wrong whether I mitigated it or not."

It's difficult to explain all they go through to prepare for these incidents. For a better understanding, click here to see the trailer and link to the full 3 Echo 9 video event.

How do you come to terms with the dangers involved in your spouse's job? When there's no one else to talk to, no one who can understand, it's the spouses of our service men and women who face their own private battles here at home.

NRA Life of Duty provides a look at those struggles in this Valentine's Day week video. See more on their website at www.nralifeofduty.tv.

NRA's Life of Duty recently took a look at the exploits of Jim Allen, a World War II paratrooper wounded at Market Garden in September of 1944. After successfully leading his comrades from a would-be ambush, Allen was hit by a grenade. Recovering over time, Allen eventually joined one of the first group of American Smokejumpers based out of Okanogan, Washington.

Read the full story, titled "Under Fire Over Fire," in the latest edition of American Warrior magazine.

Oliver North focuses on Combat Hospital in Afghanistan for Life of Duty

Oliver North at a Combat Hospital in Afghanistan

Fairfax, Virginia The NRA's Life of Duty website serves and supports those who support and defends the safety of the American people. Specifically, it's made for the ones we count on to defend for our freedoms every day.

More on the 115th Combat Support Hospital ...

The team over at NRA's Life of Duty reminded us about their special Veterans Day video from Walter Hughes .

In World War II, Walter was an 18 year old paratrooper who jumped out of planes and behind enemy lines. In this exclusive Veterans Day tribute video, Walter shares his experience from the Battle of the Bulge - the largest and bloodiest battle for American forces in WWII.

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