2011 High Power Rifle champion pulls ahead at Camp Perry

Carl Bernosky retakes lead for NRA High Power title at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - After a day of steady shooting while those ahead of him faltered, Carl Bernosky retook the lead in the 2012 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship. Sporting a 1195-66x at the halfway point in the competition for the Mumma Trophy, Bernosky's lead is anything but guaranteed.


Bernosky closes gap as Army's Gallagher drops shot at Camp Perry

A Marine shooter looks downrange through his scope at the NRA High Power Rifle Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Longtime competitor Konrad Powers tied the NRA National Championship Record and won the Coast Guard Trophy match this morning at Camp Perry. Powers fired a practically perfect 200-18x, rapid fire, from the sitting/kneeling position.

Finishing behind Powers, SSG Tyrel Cooper's 200-16x was enough to earn second place as Staff Sergeant Leigh Jenks III came in third with a 200-15x. Carl Bernosky, who sat third overall this morning, tied for fourth place in the Coast Guard match with Jonathan O'Neal, SGT Nathan Verbickas and SFC Grant Singley, who all shot a 200-14x.


Army marksman takes lead at Camp Perry with the Service Rifle

Competitors exit the pits at the NRA's High Power Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - The first day officially over, the United States Army Marksmanship Unit's Staff Sergeant Tyrel Cooper has taken the lead in the NRA's National High Power Rifle Championships. After outshooting Carl Bernosky and USAMU teammate Sergeant Sherri Gallagher in the Coast Artillery Trophy Match, Cooper finished with a top score of 598-30x.

SSG Cooper leads Gallagher by just two X's and is a scoring point ahead of Bernosky. And he better keep that one scoring point lead as 2011 High Power Rifle champ Bernosky is sporting 39Xs. That means he will take back the lead in the event of tie.


Defending Camp Perry champ edges ahead in NRA competition

Army Marksman Unit shooting NRA's High Power rifle Match

Port Clinton, Ohio - Though we are just two matches into the twelve that make up the High Power Championship, every shot counts. One competitor who knows that all too well is NRA 2011 champion Carl Bernosky.


Bernosky defends NRA High Power title as Championship begins

A High Power shooter marks the first scores of the 2012 Championship at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - Four days of NRA individual High Power shooting began this morning as shooters started their long race for the prestigious Mumma Trophy. Last year's champion, Carl Bernosky, won his ninth High Power title after shooting a 2393-160x. Will Bernosky make it an even ten this year? Maybe a new shooter will take the podium's top spot.


NRA National High Power Championships get a wet start in Ohio

Rainy start at NRA High Power National Championship in Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - NRA's National High Power Rifle Championship matches kicked off this week with a scattering of volunteers and competitors alike. Their time on range limited by an 8:00 am thunderstorm that left officials little option but delay. As a deluge of rain, wind, thunder and lightening fell upon the field, people were rushed from the firing line and out of the pits before the day could truly begin. An ominous start to say the least.

The storm cell was still moving through more than an hour later. Everyone involved taking shelter in cars, sheds and the NRA Stat Office, the hope was that all would clear in time to save the shooting day.


US Army Marksmanship Unit takes 2 out of 3 team honors in NRA Championships

A member of the California Grizzlies team prepares for a string fired in the shooting position

Port Clinton, Ohio - The final team matches of NRA's High Power Championships took place on a day that most participants described as "perfect." Quite the break from Camp Perry's usual offering of wind, rain and storm.

Competitors broke into teams of four to determine the 2012 recipients of the Rumbold, Rochester National Defense Contingent (RNDC), and Enlisted Men's trophies on Viale Range at distances of 200, 300 and 600 yards.


A competitor takes to the line with his rifle at the NRA/Springfield M1A Match

Port Clinton, Ohio - High Power matches began yesterday at 7:30 am. After a little rain, competitors were called to the line for the official start. It was a perfect setting — the sun was shining, the air was cool and all were ready to take on the range.

On Viale Range, the sixth annual NRA/Springfield M1A Match (featuring $27,000 in cash and merchandise prizes) brought a number of new people out to the field, breathing new life into the long famous piece of equipment.


Bushmaster Whistler Boy High Power medallion
Bushmaster Firearms International is a long time supporter of the National Rifle & Pistol Championships up in Camp Perry. One of their primary means of said support is through the sponsorship of the Whistler Boy Match — a Junior High Power Rifle competition. This year, the winning team is going to take home one of those beauties on the left.

"We spoke with Bushmaster last year about the competition and they expressed an interest in updating the awards," said NRA Senior Marketing Coordinator Woody Arenas. "A few more phone calls, exchange of ideas and this is the end result."


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