Military/Tactical artist produces third of four Camp Perry prints

Dick Kramer's 2012 NRA High Power Rifle Championships at Camp Perry drawing

Fairfax, Virginia - Dick Kramer has been churning out the hits for more than fifty years.

Drawing everything from SWAT to SEALs to Recon and Grunts, Kramer is known across the globe as one of the finest, if not the finest, military/tactical artist around. This week, he delivered the third piece to his four part "NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry" collection to NRA's Competitive Shooting Division.

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Bernosky, Cooper, Gallagher and everyone else who won in NRA High Power Rifle this year

2012 NRA High Power Rifle champion Carl Bernosky at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Carl Bernosky wasn't the only shooter to win an award at the High Power Rifle Championship. The ten-time champ was joined by plenty of other distinguished shooters on stage that night as competitors received awards for High Woman, High Junior, High Senior and so much more.

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NRA High Power Rifle sponsor talks with competitors and hands out bullets

Nosler's Mason Payer hands a lucky competitor a box of Custom Competition bullets at the NRA High Power Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Competitors were not alone as they traveled from the firing line to the pits and back again during the NRA High Power Rifle Championship's four-day 2400 aggregate. Nosler, who sponsors Camp Perry's High Power leg, was present in Ohio and had come bearing gifts to make everyone's day a little better.

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Going back-to-back brings Carl Bernosky his tenth NRA title

2012 NRA High Power Rifle Champion Carl Bernosky during the Awards Ceremony in Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Winning the 2012 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship was more than just a repeat of last year's win for Carl R. Bernosky — it was his tenth overall title.

Hailing from Ashland, Pennsylvania, Bernosky came into the competition with more than 30 years of shooting experience. All that time at the firing line has allowed him to develop an effective training schedule for the yearly match.

"July 4th, that's usually my day to start shooting," Bernosky said. "At that point I shoot a lot of standing. I start off with three or four nights the first week and then just about every night after that. The week before Perry I'm ready and hungry to get out here and at it."


Bending, but not breaking, to win 2012 High Power Championship

Carl Bernosky wins 10th NRA High Power Rifle title at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - As shooters got down in the prone position for this afternoon's Crowell Trophy match, the NRA National High Power Rifle Championship was Carl Bernosky's to lose. Up two points on the US Army's Sergeant Sherri Gallagher, Bernosky would have a small cushion as competitors dealt with the wind gusting between them and their targets 600 yards away.


Bernosky holds lead over Gallagher as both tumble in bad weather

SGT Sherri Gallagher at the NRA High Power Rifle Championship's Crescent Cup

Port Clinton, Ohio - Poor weather conditions make today ripe for an unpredictable finish as was demonstrated in this morning's Crescent Cup. Bernosky, whose 200-15x tied the National Record last year, yielded to weather and dropped a few shots, managing a 197-10x - good enough for third.

But succumbing to the nasty weather herself, SGT Sherri Gallagher was not able to leap Bernosky and take the lead, dropping even more shots and finishing with a 195-2x. The Camp Perry legend is now two points and 13 X's ahead of Gallagher with only two matches remaining.


2010 and 2011 champs head into last day with five X differential

A member of the California Grizzlies shooting team in the 2012 Air Force Cup at the NRA High Power Rifle Championships at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - Day Three of the NRA National High Power Rifle Championships finished up with its usual 600-yard slow fire prone match, in this case the Air Force Cup. Sergeant Sherri Gallagher, NRA's 2010 High Power winner, shot extremely well and won the match with a 200-17x. Her Air Force Cup score falls short of the National Championship Record by just one X. A record that was set by her mother, Nancy Tompkins-Gallagher in 1994.


Berknosky and Gallagher duke it out at top for NRA rifle title

Marking scores during the Marine Corps Cup at the NRA High Power Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - And just like that the storms have passed. The rain let up. All is right on the rifle range.

Radar shows storms in the distance may have the potential to drench the field again, but for now the still-cloudy skies are a lighter shade of gray. Guess I should know by now to not expect Camp Perry's weather conditions to play out as predicted.


Dreary weather begins second half of Camp Perry championships

A Marine competitor shoots the Appreciation Cup in the rain at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - After two days of near-perfect weather, things have taken a turn at the High Power Rifle Championships at Camp Perry. Forecasted rain took no time to show up this morning and begin pelting competitors and their firearms. And it's only going to get worse from here.

A high chance of thunderstorms throughout the day means it's likely there will be delays. If there are too many delays, the length and score of subsequent matches could be decreased. In some cases — cancelled. But there's little chance that the rain will stop — though the lightning will.

Reports suggest that the rain will fall throughout the day, night and all day tomorrow as well - a clear contrast from the championship's first half.


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