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The NRA Foundation, through funds raised by Friends of NRA, has funded over 18,000 grants throughout the country. It has become America's leading charitable organization in the support of shooting sports and its grants total over $180 million.

Grants provide critical funding to firearm programs on the local, state, and national levels to ranges, shooting clubs and programs like the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.

The Coon Valley Conservation Club in Westby, Wisconsin recently received a NRA Foundation grant to make improvements to their grounds and the Westby Times has a great story about it.


The Californian has a great article up about the Central California Friends of NRA, who recently awarded a local Boy Scouts troop a grant to repair their damaged shooting range.

Local Scout Council to receive grant to repair Basin Fire Damage

The Senior Field Representative for the Central California Friends of NRA has announced that the Monterey Bay Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America will receive a $55,000 grant to assist in repairs to the shooting range at Camp Pico Blanco.

During the Basin Complex fire the shooting range at Camp Pico Blanco near Big Sur, was damaged when the fire ran through the Scout Camp.

Consequently there was additional damage from flooding as a result of the runoff from the fire ravaged terrain. The fire also killed many of the trees in the area and those dead trees have fallen on the range facility adding to the destruction.

Read more about Friends of NRA helping the community at The Californian here.

NRA Clubs and Associations After the rousing success of last November's webinar on Membership Recruitment and Retention, NRA's staff from the Clubs & Associations Department is holding another online session later this afternoon. Schedule for 1pm eastern, today's session focuses on three important aspects of the Association; Friends of NRA banquets, qualifying and applying for grants, and the Youth Education Summit (YES).

Question is, if it's happening today then why are we telling you now? Because the webinar filled up almost as soon as it was announced. Were it not for a few last minute cancellations, we probably wouldn't be saying anything at all. But now that there's room, we want to make sure that as many people as possible can benefit from this expert advice.


Friends of NRA wants your story

Are you a Friend of NRA? If so, Friends of NRA wants to see one of your faces on the back page of the upcoming Traditions magazine. All you have to do is email your photo and why you call yourself a Friend of NRA to and you could see yourself on Traditions magazine, the Friends of NRA Facebook page, or win yourself a Friends of NRA hat! The deadline to send in your photo and story is November 19th, so don't delay!

Lance Frazier from the Herald Journal has a good interview with the manager of the Cache Valley Public Shooting Range in Logan, Utah, who recently received a grant from Friends of NRA to construct a new range facility.

Logan shooting range manager talks about future of facility

The Cache Valley Public Shooting Range opened in 1991 on Logan’s west side. Known at the time as the Cache Valley Hunter Education Center, the range was small, but over the years it has grown to include shooting options for virtually any type of weapon, and a variety of shooting events for adults and youth.

More on NRA's grant to a Utah Shooting Range ...

Zak Failla of The Shoshone News Press has an article about the Silver Valley Friends of NRA committee helping a local shooting range expand to accommodate more shooters.

Friends of the NRA Foundation Donates to Shooting Range

As shooters continue to flood in from outside the Silver Valley, the need for the Shoshone County Public Shooting Range to expand and continue growing has become more important.

Courtesy of a $12,000 grant from the Silver Valley Friends of the NRA Foundation, the public range will be able to offset “the construction cost for electric power, and to enclose the shooting range building.”

Larry Jennings, the secretary and treasurer of the range said that the new enclosure will allow other groups to more actively use the range and will start to maximize its current potential.

“This is going to be a great meeting place, and nice to have the enclosed gun range. It will be available for any outdoor activity organizations. It won't be anything fancy, not amenities, but it will be a nice clean meeting room,” he said. “We're run solely on donations, and it's just due to the support of the NRA that we can go forward with these improvements.”

Read the rest of the article on The Shoshone News Press' website here.

Rocky Granzella from The Chaffee County Times has a great article about a Colorado gun club receiving a grant to improve their facilities thanks to Friends of NRA.

Gun club adds 5-stand course to shooting range

Friends of NRA logo on NRAblog This past August, the Buena Vista Sportsman's Club has added a new five-stand sporting clays course to its facilities south of the rodeo grounds in Buena Vista.

Jerry Steinauer of Buena Vista explains how this all came about.

"In October 2010 we held a meeting to discuss the possibilities of creating a sporting clays course on the grounds of the gun club. A National Rife Association grant was available for application so we made the decision to apply for the grant. Total value of the grant was $19,437. There wasn't much time to prepare the grant, but I managed to get all of the documents and plans put together, in a short amount of time, and get them sent off to the NRA. We were notified that we had been approved for the grant around January of 2011. Notification of funds wasn't given until March of this year and the grant funds were received in July," he said.

Read the complete article on the Friends of NRA grant at The Chaffee County Times' webpage here.

NRA Clubs & Association Tomorrow marks NRA's first Club Leadership & Development Webinar. Covering everything from recruiting to range development to grant applications, you can sign up now by clicking on this link.

"We're going to start everything at 1pm eastern time and run about an hour," explained Clubs, Associations and Range Services National Manager Elizabeth Bush. "This is our first official online workshop so it should be a lot of fun. Best of all – it's free!"

Joining Bush for the webinar will be Marketing Manager Son Nguyen and Marketing Coordinator Melissa Betts. And if you have any questions after hearing why an NRA affiliation is good for your business or how to raise funds for your club, you can ask through GoToMeeting's chat functions.

So why not take an hour or so out of your day. Sign up for Club & Association's Leadership & Development Webinar and find out how working with the National Rifle Association can help improve your operation.

One of the primary vendors and sponsors here at the 2011 NRA National Junior Air Gun Championship is Crosman®, a company known for their high-quality competition air guns.  Crosman® is a Gold Sponsor for the competition and has given two Challenger® PCP air rifles to be given as prizes.

Crosman® representative Mark DeBoard has a table set up in our vendor area where he has the Challenger® PCP competition air rifle on display.

The Challenger®, which came out in 2009, is a Dual Fuel® air rifle, meaning that it can shoot using either compressed air or carbon dioxide. It also features a three-position stock, a match-grade adjustable trigger, and a floating Lothar Walther™ barrel.

The Crosman Challenger PCP rifle on NRAblog

Although it was designed for the Sporter Class, DeBoard told NRAblog that some Precision shooters use the gun as well due to its superior accuracy.

“It’s a great entry-level Precision gun and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a rifle,” said DeBoard of the Challenger®.

For the club price of just $475, the Challenger® is reasonably priced and is a good choice for either new shooters or seasoned Sporter competitors looking to transition into Precision shooting.

The Challenger® meets the requirements of a competitive air rifle for both CMP and NRA-sanctioned competitions and has become a popular rifle amongst shooting clubs, some of whom purchase them through NRA.

“We sell a lot of these through the NRA grant program,” said DeBoard.

If you’re here with us at Camp Perry, be sure to stop by the vendor area to thank Crosman® for their support and to check out the Challenger®. 

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