Friends of NRA reviews banquet season progress and prepares for second half of 2013

NRA Field Representatives at the winter meeting in NRA Headquarters

Fairfax, Virginia - The Friends of NRA program is a large family of individuals dedicated to preserving our country's shooting sports heritage. This past week we finished highlighting the Volunteers of the Year; the best of the best among the thousands who donate their time to the organization each year.

There's another group within the program that is integral to its success. NRA's Field Representatives works tirelessly year round to make sure all 1,100 events run smoothly and grants go to deserving organizations.

Field Reps are NRA employees and, unlike volunteers, are able to devote all 365 days of the year to Friends of NRA. It isn't a job just anybody can do. Field Reps are constantly on the move, driving around their territories from committee to committee and helping organize events.

All this week the Field Reps are getting a break - if you want to call it that - when they gather for the 2013 Field Operations Division Annual Planning Meeting. A biannual event, meetings bring both Field Reps and NRA Headquarters staff together to review the last half year and plan for the remainder. Days will be filled with training workshops on new and updated Event Services, Insurance, Clubs & Associations, Database Administration, Grants and more services and products. Reps will even begin selecting merchandise for next year's Friends of NRA banquets.

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Friends of NRA items you could take home from this year's dinners

Friends of NRA collectible Remington R1 pistol

Fairfax, Virginia - We're only a couple dozen banquets into the 1,100 Friends of NRA dinners that will be held across the country this year. Each one will have an ensemble of great items you can win at auctions, in raffles and playing games. The merchandise changes each year, so you're bound to have some new collectible catch your eye every time.

Not all banquets have the same merchandise either. There's a standard package that is present at every dinner, but the NRA Field Reps have a wide selection of additional items to stock their event. We've already covered a bunch of 2013's items here, here and here, but why not a few more?

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How did you get involved with the NRA and what does it mean to you?

Join the

Fairfax, Virginia - There isn't one distinct type of Second Amendment supporter. The Friends of NRA family is made of people from all walks of life and spans the entire country. But no matter where they live, what their hobbies are or what they do for a living, their appreciation for the NRA brings them together.

Under this umbrella, every volunteer, every donor, every committee and every business in every state has their own reasons for why they proudly call themselves a friend of the NRA. Friends of NRA is a grassroots organization. Its supporters get as much out of it as they put in. And these are real people with real reasons who get up and get involved with their local Friends of NRA committee.

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Win a safari at the Western North Carolina Friends of NRA banquet next weekend

Concord, North Carolina - Next weekend Concord, North Carolina hosts the 3rd Annual African Sporting Exposition and features a Friends of NRA event. Held January 18-20, the ASE is huge and plays host to some of the finest collection of African hunting, photo and fishing outfitters.

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Friends of NRA celebrates 20 years of friends, food and fun

Kings County Friends of NRA's original committee

Friends of NRA had a big year in 2012. The hugely successful grassroots fundraising program celebrated its 20th anniversary over the course of the year with more than 1,100 banquets across the United States.

What began as an idea between NRA's Wayne Sheets and MidwayUSA's Larry Potterfield during the 1992 NRA Annual Meetings in Salt Lake City has turned into one of the NRA's best programs for protecting our shooting sports heritage.

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Friends of NRA's new season starts where it all began with 'Making Friends of 20 Years'

Fairfax, Virginia - Hopefully you've already seen the premiere episode of Friends of NRA's third season and the above video is just a refresher. BUT, if you missed out on Matt and Jessie hitting the road again, you can see what they were up to this past weekend on Outdoor Channel.

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Join Matt and Jessie for the premiere of Friends of NRA Season 3 this Sunday

Friends of NRA Season 3 on the Outdoor Channel January 6

Fairfax, Virginia - Friends of NRA is coming back to Outdoor Channel this weekend for Season 3! Not yet done exploring the impact of the Friends of NRA program, Matt and Jessie Duff will travel both across the United States and abroad the people who consider themselves friends of the NRA.

The former Major League Baseball player and champion shooter will team up for a cook-off in Kentucky, whitewater rafting in Oregon, the National High School Rodeo Association finals in Wyoming, dove hunting in Argentina and so much more.

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Friends of NRA is up for three Outdoor Channel Golden Moose Awards

Fairfax, Virginia - Friends of NRA's third season on Outdoor Channel is less than a month away.

On January 6 Matt and Jessie return to the small screen for season three, but did you know they're up for Outdoor Channel's Golden Moose Awards right now?. The show is up for three awards at the annual event: Fan Favorite Best Overal Series, Fan Favorite Best Hunting Series and Favorite Hosts. Voting is open to the public and free until December 29, 2012. Once all the votes have been counted, the awards will be presented this winter on January 17, 2013 at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Friends of NRA's 20th anniversary wraps up where it began - Missouri

Friends of NRA

Fairfax, Virginia - Friends of NRA closes the door on 2012 this week as it's last banquet of the year is being held in Wardsville, Missouri this Friday.

Friends of NRA, the multi-million dollar grassroots fund-raising program, turned 20 this year and is concluding its year-long celebration in nearly the same place it began. Brainstormed between NRA's Wayne Sheets and MidwayUSA's Larry Potterfield at the 1992 NRA Annual Meetings in Salt Lake City, the first banquet was held at MidwayUSA headquarters in Columbia, Missouri.

For the past two decades, all proceeds raised at Friends of NRA events have gone back into local, state and national programs as charitable and educational grants. From range improvements to conservation scholarships, Friends of NRA furthers our heritage by providing opportunities for firearm enthusiasts to enjoy their sport. The program is an amazing thing people can be proud to take part in. It does a lot of good for our country.

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