11mm double-action revolver used by Allies in World War I

Senior Curator Philip Schreier holds a French St. Etienne Model 1873 Double-Action Revolver at the NRA Museum in Fairfax

Fairfax, Virginia - When NRA Museums Senior Curator Philip Schreier wheeled out his cart of guns for our last Curator's Corner shoot, there was one film fan in the audience (who asked to go unmentioned) who noticed this sidearm from the movie The Mummy. That's right, it's Brendan Fraser's St Etienne Model 1873 Revolver.

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Portable supply of 2000 calories per day with a 20 year shelf life

The NRA Store 72 Hour Food/Fire/Filter Kit
NRAstore's Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans has a stackable supply of sustenance for when you need it most ...

Fairfax, Virginia - With holiday travel on the horizon and winter weather already rearing its ugly head – it’s important to be prepared for anything – whether you hit the road or stay home this season.

That’s why we want to make you aware of an awesome NRAstore deal that will help you be prepared for whatever comes your way.  

Our 72 Hour Food/Fire/Filter Kit is built to get you through the most critical ... get all the details on NRA Store's 72 Hour Food/Fire/Filter Kit ...

Most popular American civilian rifle in lever action perfection

The action of a 94 Winchester Rifle given to Texas Ranger Trent Horton

Fairfax, Virginia - Guns that appear Curator's Corner are amongst the rare, the special, the uniqueness of offerings to be found here at the National Rifle Association. So when NRA Museum Senior Curator Philip Schreier broke out a 94 Winchester lever action, you knew it had to be more than a run of the mill rifle.

Sure that's tough to do when it comes to the most popular rifle in American history (Garands don't count - we're talking civilian rifles not military here), but when you have Phil then you always have a way.

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History Channel champ shares secrets of shooting like a pro

Top Shot Chris Cheng's Shoot to Win book is a top seller Fairfax, Virginia - It's safe to say that most of the shooting world is familiar with Chris Cheng. The tech geek who took a few weeks off from Google to blaze through and win Season 4 of History Channel's Top Shot. That's all the inspiration he needed to say goodbye to Silicon Valley and hit the professional shooting circuit.

Since then Chris has accomplished quite a bit. He's holding his own as a Bass Pro Shops sponsored shooter, became a NRANews Commentator, and wrote his first book.

Titled Shoot To Win - tips, tactics, and techniques to help you shoot like a pro, the book has been nothing short of a hit. So much so that the first run sold out in under two weeks - not too shabby for a self-taught shooter.

More on how to win an autographed copy of Chris Cheng's Shoot to Win ...

Stellar work of steel that opens like lightning with a full-bellied drop point blade

The NRA Special Edition Buck® Paradigm Knife
Joe Garnreiter, merchandise buyer for the NRAstore, goes west to Idaho as two American classics come together with a blade made especially for our 5 million strong ...

Fairfax, Virginia - 143 years ago today, the National Rifle Association of America was officially chartered in the state of New York. Take a moment to let that sink in. For almost a century and a half, the NRA has been the premier defender of your Second Amendment rights – WOW! To celebrate this remarkable occasion, the NRAstore has teamed up with renowned knife maker Buck Knives to create a one-of-a-kind blade – one that’s supremely worthy of the NRA name!

Boasting one of the most amazing and innovative opening methods we’ve seen, the NRA Special Edition Buck® Paradigm Knife is a marvel of modern engineering... find out more about Buck Knife's new NRA Special Edition Paradigm Knife ...

Flintlock from the days of the Minutemen made for NRA speakers

Flintlock American long rifle presented to Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater in 1971.

Fairfax, Virginia - Veterans Day is right around the corner. A day to remember all those who stepped forward, answered the call, and served our nation during times of peace and war. For Veterans Day Eve, Curator's Corner is focusing on a firearm used by the first of America's veterans ... the Minutemen.

"This is an American long rifle, a contemporary long rifle made by Cecil Brooks of Ohio," regaled NRA Museums Senior Curator Philip Schreier... more on Barry Goldwater's American Long Rifle ...

NRA Store features Made in the USA double old fashion glasses for holiday season

NRA Store's Executive Double Old Fashioned Glasses
In this week's edition of Membership Monday, Senior NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans lifts a glass to last week's political victory ...

Fairfax, Virginia - As the election returns came in on November 4 one thing was apparent – Second Amendment supporters came out in droves to defeat gun control candidates in Senate and gubernatorial races around the country. 

In so doing, America’s First Freedom crushed the anti-gunner claim that US citizens support more gun control. Of course, we always knew this to be true…but it couldn’t have been done without the tireless efforts of our 5 million enthusiastic members and the NRA-ILA team.

More on NRA Store's Executive Double Old Fashioned Glasses ...

Chicago star stops by the NRA Museum for Outdoor Channel's Gun Stories

Actor Joe Mantegna from CBS show Criminal Minds with Dirty Harry's Smith & Wesson model 29 at NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - Earlier this year, Hollywood actor Joe Mantenga dropped by the NRA National Firearms Museum to film a few episodes of his Outdoor Channel hit Gun Stories. An in-depth look at this history of firearms, the show travels across the nation (and last year the world) to bring viewers the best experts and guns available.

This would be his third stop at the National Firearms Museum in four years. Because we've just about covered everything ranging from Joe's background in firearms to his career as an actor, we decided to take a different angle with this interview. We wanted to know about his guns.

More on Joe Mantegna's first gun, last gun, and next gun ...

NRA Museums Director sits with 15 shot British Treeby chain rifle

NRA Museums Director Jim Supica with a a Treeby chain rifle in the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - A few years ago, Ben Philippi produced a book titled God, Guns & Guts. The culmination of a four-year journey throughout the United States, the book features is a collection of photos and essays from regular everyday Americans and their favorite firearms.

The book was so popular that History Channel created a reality show based one of the subjects - Mark Muller. Most will remember Muller as the car salesman from Kansas City who gave away guns with the purchase of every new car... more on the latest from God, Guns and Guts ...

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