National Sheriffs' Association 2012 Convention

Nashville, Tennessee - The National Sheriffs' Association 2012 Convention begins today as they do their best to woo the city of Nashville with their patronage and events. Taking place at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, it is there where law enforcement professionals can learn about jail and court security, firearm training, hostage situations and more. More being a bit of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program.

"We are ready and waiting," said NRA Eddie Eagle Manager Eric Lipp. "The sheriffs are fantastic partners when it comes to helping spread Eddie's message."


Nashville, Tennessee - Today marks the beginning of the 2012 National Sheriffs' Association's Annual Conference in Nashville. A gathering of the nation's sheriffs, deputies, like minded law enforcement professionals and one peculiar looking bird — Eddie Eagle.


2011 NRA Youth Education Summit participant Amanda Krpan

2011 Youth Education Summit attendee Amanda Krpan was one of the top two finishers in this year's Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship, receiving a college scholarship of $6,500.

We've already told you applying for the scholarship entails introducing NRA programs into the student's community and documenting the process, but let's take a look in Amanda's application binder to see what's inside.

During her time in the nation's capital, Amanda toured most of the memorials and monuments in the area with 44 other high school sophomores and juniors as they learned the significance of the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the importance of being an active citizen.

Finding themselves in places like The Capitol Building, Marine Corps Base Quantico and of course NRA Headquarters, the kids had a lot of fun. The summit wasn't just one long tour full of photo ops though, students participated in individual speeches and debates during the week as they competed for up to $10,000 in college scholarships which were awarded at the summit's conclusion. 


This time last year, Debbie Beaudry of the Las Vegas PD told us about Eddie Eagle thrilling the classrooms with his life saving message. Here it is again:

Eric Lipp, National Manager of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program, received the following from Debbie Beaudry of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Traffic Bureau/Community Services Section on Eddie Eagle's visit to Vegas:

NRA's Eddie Eagle greeted by the school children of Las Vegas


Sgt. Russ Henry, Sheriff Jim Ruth, Dillon Selby and his mom Debbie
Bradley County School Resource Officer Sgt. Russ Henry, Sheriff Jim Ruth, Dillon Selby and his mom Debbie.

Yesterday afternoon, Sheriff Jim Ruth presented Oak Grove Elementary School student Dillon Shelby an award for putting the lessons he learned from the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program to good use.

Here's more from the Bradley County Sheriff's Office:

Friday morning, May 18, fifth grade students were pouring onto the Oak Grove Elementary School playground when student Dillon Selby spotted a gun near the swing sets. He immediately yelled out to his classmates to "Stop," and get back. He called for a teacher who alerted school resource officer Jay Lawson.


Eric Lipp, Manager of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program, recently shared this story with us of how Eddie's message is always reaching out to children around the country with the help of parents, educators and law enforcement officers. This time Eddie swooped down to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Warren, Tennessee.

Partners in Safety

Eddie Eagle teaches that if you see a gun: STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.

In August of 2010, Deputy Bobby Pennington, of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee, was attending the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) conference in Louisville, Kentucky. It was at this conference that Deputy Pennington, a SRO (school resource officer) for Warren County Schools, came across the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program booth. After speaking and visiting with Eddie Eagle Staff, Deputy Pennington went home with samples and brochures, and a phone number he made sure to call, to the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.


NRA's Eddie Eagle teaches firearm accident prevention to pre-k through 3rd grade students

NRA's Eddie Eagle on NRAblog In the week leading up to every NRA Annual Meeting, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program visits area schools to spread his lifesaving message of; "Stop, Don't Touch, Leave the Area, and Tell an adult". He'll be doing it again starting Monday right there in St. Louis, Missouri.

“The Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department is helping us bring Eddie Eagle to the local elementary schools,” said Eddie Eagle Program Manager Eric Lipp. “We’re always happy to work with local law enforcement when it comes to teaching children firearm accident prevention.”

From Monday through Wednesday, Lipp and his crew will make their way to six St. Louis area schools to spread the word. And as luck would have it, NRAblog will be there to witness a few of these presentation in person.

If you'd like to learn how to bring Eddie Eagle to your neighborhood, visit their website or give them a call at (800) 231-0752.

Southern Pines, North Carolina - It's no secret that Sarah Cox is extremely active in the programs of the NRA. Last week we told you that the Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) alumna and scholarship winner has organized a Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminar and Instructor Sarah Cox presents the Eddie Eagle program at a local school Development Workshop in her hometown. She's also been a speaker at several North Carolina Friends of NRA Banquets, which we'll tell you more about next week. But most recently, Sarah brought the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program to a local school and shared her experience with NRAblog:

On the morning of Friday, March 2nd, I presented the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program to the kindergarten and first grade students of Calvary Christian School. It was a large and enthusiastic collection of more than thirty students ready to learn. All of the students were more than willing to hear about Eddie and eager to answer my questions. They loved the Eddie Eagle's motto, "Stop, Don't Touch, Leave the Area, and Tell an adult". After learning the Eddie Eagle chant and motions, everyone sat down to watch an Eddie Eagle video.

The Eddie Eagle workbook was well received as I presented it to them page by page. Gun safety scenarios were rehearsed and the students proved to be willing and zealous little actors. Each student received an Eddie Eagle Certificate of Completion after they successfully recited the Eddie Eagle chant.


Attention junior shooters! Could you use up to $5,000? Maybe you're saving for college for looking to buy a new rifle. If you're doing great things in school, in your community, and on the range, then you could win some of the $10,000 that's up for grabs through the Brownell's/NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award. First place wins $5,000, second place takes home $3,000 and third place will recieve $2,000. Check out all of the details below to see if you qualify to apply for the award.

Nathan Switzer 2010 OAYA winner Nathan Switzer competes in the 2009 National Junior Air Gun Championship at Camp Perry.
Fairfax, Virginia – The National Rifle Association is now accepting applications for the Brownell’s/NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award. Chosen for their accomplishments in the community, the classroom and the shooting sports, three exceptional young people from across the United States will receive a total of $10,000 courtesy of Brownell’s.

“The Outstanding Achievement Youth Award recognizes young people who exemplify excellence in not only the shooting sports, but other areas of their lives,” said Larry Quandahl, Manager of NRA’s Youth Programs Department. “Dedication to academics and community are important facets to becoming a well-rounded shooter.”


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