Youth focused area at NRA Outdoor Show gives parents a break, kids fun

Eddie Eagle leading the charge at NRA's Family Fun Zone in Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Somewhere around some corner of the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center is something for everyone. Gun enthusiast have the Shooting Sports Hall. Bow hunters have the Archery Hall. And for the little ones there is the Family Fun Zone.

First appearing at the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas, the Family Fun Zone is a collection of games and test of skills for the up and coming outdoor enthusiast. It also has the advantage of providing the kids with a taste of fun in what could be a trying afternoon for ones so young.

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Great American and All-Access highlight new projects for the NRA in 2014

NRA's Great American Outdoor Show begins on February 1, 2014 Fairfax, Virginia - The National Rifle Association has a number of new projects ready to kick off in 2014. And it all begins with the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Launching bright and early at 9:00am on February 1st and running through the 9th, the Great American Outdoor Show (presented by Outdoor Channel) promises to be the largest consumer outdoor show in the nation. Everyone from Beretta to Parker Bows and Remington to Yamaha will be on hand to show off their wares.

Ticks are on sale now — for $12.00 adults, $6.00 for the little ones 13 and under — at the Great American website.

Another newbie for 2014 is NRA All-Access.

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Model 1903 Colt semi-automatic carried by Australian Major during the Battle of Gallipoli

Colt 1903 semiautomatic pocket pistol

Fairfax, Virginia - On the final day of the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas, a production crew stole away with Philip Schreier, Senior Curator for the National Firearms Museum, to film a few segments of Curator's Corner. A Monday afternoon staple on Sportsman Channel, Curator's Corner highlights one of the thousands of guns on display at the National Firearms Museum. Or, in the case of this afternoon's offering, a gun brought by a collector.

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NRA Annual Meeting's exhibit hall was so big we're not done sharing it

ATI's NASCAR Nationwide car at NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Houston, Texas - Here's the last batch of photos from this year's exhibit hall at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston. But if you think we even came close to covering everything the massive floor had to offer, think again.

This year's exhibits were the biggest in Annual Meeting history, with more than 440,000 square feet of space and over 550 exhibitors. (Insert Texas-sized joke here.) Of the 86,228 NRA Members who came out over the May 3-5 weekend, it's safe to assume that practically everyone spent the majority of their time walking up and down the aisles to see what new wares the shooting industry had to offer.

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Gilbert of Woodlands, Texas picked from 6,000 names at NRA Convention

Looking outside the George Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas for NRA Annual Meeting

Brownells – The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Accessories, Ammunition and Gunsmithing Tools™ – is excited to announce that Ricky Gilbert, from The Woodlands, Texas, is the winner of the Brownells 2013 NRA Show $500 Grand Prize Gift Card.

Gilbert's name was drawn randomly from more than 6,000 registered Brownells NRA Show booth visitors.

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NRA Publications calls Springfield's XD S "nearly in a class by itself"

Springfield Armory presents XD S pistols to NRA's Keefe, Keene and Graham at hte Annual Meeting in Houston

Houston, Texas - Every year at the NRA Annual Meeting, American Rifleman takes the opportunity to take care of a little business. Specifically, hand out a few of the year's Golden Bullseye Awards. On Saturday, May 4th, they bestowed such an honor upon Springfield Armory's XD S-9.

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The Blaze creator, Glenn Beck, speaks to NRA membership at Houston Annual Meeting

Glenn Beck at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Houston

The main event of this year's Stand and Fight Rally at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston was none other than Glenn Beck.

After enjoying wild success as a television and radio host, political commentator, author and entrepreneur, Beck's newest venture is the creation of his very own meia network, The Blaze.

Those familiar with Beck's speeches will not be surprised to learn he stepped on stage with a few props; however his nearly-iconic green chalkboard was not among them. Instead, Beck had brought a presentation of firearms including the rifle Charlton Heston famously raised above his head when he declared:

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Ambassadors capture moments from Sunday's Youth Day at the NRA Convention

Houston, Texas - Recreational Shooting Specialists Samantha Olsen and Andy Lander were charged with a special task during the NRA's 142nd Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston — create and run an NRA Youth Day. Something cool. Something fun for parents and kids alike. Something they will always remember.

What they came up with was spectacular.

A Laser Shot booth, bags of popcorn, an Annual Meeting scavenger hunt, an Air Soft 3-Gun course and more. As the events and activities started piling up, they kept adding more. What they needed now as a finishing touch. That would come by way of another NRA Youth Program.

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As women’s interest in firearms rapidly grows, the demand for female shooting instructors has followed suit.

NRA Instructor looks on at Women on Target event. "Women prefer to be taught by women," says Diane Danielson, NRA's Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic Coordinator. “They have an instant connection that makes events like NRA's Women on Target so successful.”

And she would know.

Since Danielson stepped on board a few years back, NRA Women’s Instructor Training Courses have been springing up all over the United States. At the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting, for example, the first Women’s Instructor Training Course took place under the watchful eye of Diane and two of her top female instructors. The success of that event, held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and the Allegheny Country Rifle Club, has lead to an impressive increase in the number of female Certified NRA instructors.

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