Young artist lend paint and brush for 2012 NRA fundraiser

AP Art students from Colony High School in Palmer, Alaska pose with work for Friends of NRA Committee

Palmer, Alaska - Around this time last year, we learned about a special collection of teens way up north in Alaska. Brought together by the local Friends of NRA committee, these students were enlisted to paint a piece of American History.

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Texas Christian University Horned Toads lead sport into two month break

Texas Christian University shooter Caitlin Morrissey at the 2011 NCAA Rifle Championships

Fairfax, Virginia - The NCAA Rifle season takes a break this time of year to allow students to focus on their school work and the upcoming winter break. Now that the Collegiate Rifle Coaches Association poll is out, we see there was some change, but not among the top-ranked teams.

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Horned Frogs end WVU's five week reign at No. 1

TCU's Scherer is 2012 smallbore champion

Fairfax, Virginia - West Virginia has been unseated by defending champions Texas Christian in the most recent Collegiate Rifle Coaches Association poll that now has the Horned Frogs back on top.

After dominating a four-team invitational at Ohio State and setting a school record for team aggregate at 4708, Texas Christian leaped from No. 3 to No. 1 in NCAA Rifle. WVU did not falter as they beat North Carolina State the same weekend, however TCU's big win at Ohio State was enough to propel them to first and end WVU's reign over the poll at five weeks.

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Nanooks jump three spots to #4 as Mountaineers hold on to #1

2012 NCAA Rifle Smallbore line

The top of the Collegiate Rifle Coaches Association poll looks the same as it did two weeks ago as top-ranked West Virginia watches Kentucky and Texas Christian University trade spots again. The defending champion Horned Frogs, ranked No. 1 preseason, fell back a spot to West Virginia after the opener and have been battling with Kentucky for second ever since.

The Wildcats, themselves champions in 2011, began the season at No. 2 and shifted to No. 3 after the rise of West Virginia. In Week 3 they bumped Texas Christian only to find their standings swapped again by Week 4. Now in Week 5, the two have switched ranks again after Kentucky's win at North Carolina State.

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From Law Enforcement in New Mexico to Dall Sheep in Alaska

Around this time last year, we spoke with Charles 'Tate' Moots about his sheep hunt. Moots comes out for a number of NRA's Tactical Police Competitions. While we were in New Mexico for the 2011 National Police Shooting Championships, he shared stories and pictures about hunting Dall Sheep off the Trident Glacier in Alaska.

Charles 'Tate' Moots and the Dall Sheep he bagged on the Trident Glacier in Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska - No matter how you start, hunting is rife with challenges. It's never as easy as aim and shoot. That may be the final step, but reaching that final step is what separates the would-be from the accomplished. Add the formidable Alaskan terrain into the mix and you might be biting off more than you can chew. Despite such a challenge, Charles Tate Moots, Tate to his friends, decided it was time to embrace the weather-beaten terra firma and go after one of his dreams — a Dall Sheep.

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2012 NCAA national champions begin the new season at No. 1

Texas Christian wins NCAA 2012 Rifle Championships at Ohio State University

After unseating the University of Kentucky for their second National Championship in three years, Texas Christian University is starting the 2012-2013 season at the head of the coaches poll. This is not uncommon for a team returning the majority of their players from the previous year. The Horned Frogs are bringing back four of the five shooters - including Olympian Sarah Scherer - that made up last year's winning team.

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An NRA filled day of firearms education for ladies in Alaska

An NRA Women On Target participant takes a look at her target after a few shots

NRA Field Operations' Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator Allison Terusiak shared a story about a great Women On Target clinic on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

Elaina Spraker Fires Off the Kenai Peninsula Women On Target Program

Are you a woman who has time and time again watched your husband from the window shooting his guns outside? Do you secretly wish you could join the guys on their next big hunting trip? Or perhaps you may be the type who simply wants to have a working knowledge of these cold-metal, comes in all shapes and sizes, and in many ways intimidating tools that we call firearms?

If so, fear not, Elaina Spraker of the Kenai Peninsula Women On Target Clinic has just the thing for you.

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NRA Training on NRAblog

John Howard and Andy Lander of the NRA Training Department traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska to conduct a Training Counselor Development Workshop last week. “We had 10 outstanding candidates successfully complete the workshop, reports John Howard, NRA’s National Instructor Trainer. “Not only did we have attendees from Alaska, some came from as far away as Puerto Rico, Virginia, Florida, Utah and California.”

It has been quite some time since a Training Counselor Workshop had been conducted in Alaska. A few years ago, the NRA Training Department created the Colonel Charles H. Mitchell Trainer of Distinction Award, and we asked Mitchell to personally select the first recipients of the award. Without hesitation, he chose Joe Nava, an NRA Training Counselor based in Fairbanks.

Joe Nava has been teaching firearm safety throughout Alaska as an NRA Certified Instructor for over 50 years. He has reached all corners of the state by piloting his own bush plane into remote locations. This has made him a living legend at the NRA.


NRA Women on Target in Alaska

At the end of March in 2009, Larry Boyle of Alaska’s Firearms Education and Training oversaw an NRA Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic of rifle. As one might expect, there were plenty of ice, snow, mittens and scarfs to go around.

Women On Target Clinics create more opportunities for women to learn all about firearms, and to gain confidence in newly-acquired shooting skills. For information on how to a hold a clinic in your area, visit the Women on Target website or give them a call at (800) 861-1166.

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