From the Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Regulations Increase Kenai Peninsula Brown Bear Hunting Opportunities

American Hunter's John Zent with his prize - image courtesy of NRA's American Hunter Magazine Soldotna, Alaska - Spring hunting for brown bears on the Kenai Peninsula is in full swing and with regulations now allowing brown bears to be taken at registered black bear bait stations on lands outside the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, opportunities for success should be good. Before stepping into the field, however, hunters should review regulations and recent brown bear management decisions that could affect hunting plans.

To promote conservation of Kenai Peninsula brown bears, hunters are encouraged to take mature boars. In March after considerable discussion, the department announced that the Kenai Peninsula (Game Management Units 7 and 15) brown bear management goal is to ensure that human-caused mortality of adult sows does not exceed 17... Find out more about hunting Brown Bears in Alaska ...

Excerpt from Governor Sarah Palin's address at NRA's Stand and Fight Rally

Sarah Palin on stage at the NRA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana - It's difficult to think of a speaker more fitting for NRA's Saturday Night Stand and Fight Rally than former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. An outdoorswoman who has taken down the odd moose and caribou in her day, Governor Palin manifests the bold and adventurous spirit that every sportsman longs to embody.

And if there were any questions as to her commitment to the Second Amendment, well, let's just say that tonight's address put any concerns to rest.

Just check out her opening remarks:

Read Governor Sarah Palin's opening remarks for NRA's Stand and Fight Rally ...

From the Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Wildlife Interests Worth $4.1 Billion to Alaska's Economy, New Study Finds

Hunting muskox in Alaska - image courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Juneau, Alaska – Almost a million resident and visitor households embarked on at least one trip in Alaska to hunt or view wildlife in 2011, according to research presented in the recently published report, “The Economic Importance of Alaska’s Wildlife in 2011.” Along the way, the $3.4 billion spent by those hunters and viewers accounted for $4.1 billion in economic activity statewide.

“Visitors reported that wildlife is one of the main reasons they visited Alaska,” said Doug Vincent-Lang, director of the state’s Division of Wildlife Conservation, “and residents said wildlife contributes to their quality of life and reasons for living here.”

More on revenue generated by Alaska's wildlife ...

Support the NRA and the shooting sports at Friends of NRA dinners in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and more

Friends of NRA

Fairfax, Virginia - Courtesy of NRA's Event Marketing and Communications Manager Nicole McMahon, here are the Friends of NRA events for the next week.

At Friends of NRA dinners you're surrounded by friendly, generous people who gather out of their appreciation for the Second Amendment and desire to help our country's shooting sports heritage. Banquets feature games, raffles, auctions and more all to raise money for shooting sports programs at the national, state and local levels.

Wondering what types of exclusive NRA gear you'll find at Friends of NRA banquets? Check out the 2014 merchandise package.

Find the nearest banquets to you on the Friends of NRA website to help plan which banquet, or banquets, you will attend this year.

Find out where Friends of NRA dinners are happening this next week ...

From the Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Targeted Hunt Aims to Reduce Moose-Vehicle Collisions in Mat-Su

Charles 'Tate' Moots standing atop a moose that he bagged south of Fairbanks, Alaska

Palmer, Alaska – Hunters in the Matanuska and Susitna valleys are making local roads safer this winter, even as they fill their home freezers with tasty, organic, wild meat.

The “targeted hunt” (AM415), initially established by the Board of Game in March 2011 to address serious nuisance-moose issues in Game Management Subunit 14A, is a winter hunt, which requires a permit from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. ... more on Alaska's new moose hunting season ...

From pistol to rifle to shotgun, ladies learn about hunting and self defense in Alaska

Lining up a rifle shot during a Women on Target event in Alaska.

Anchorage, Alaska- They do things different up in Alaska.

Some days are saturated with sunshine while others are nothing but night. The only thing that you can count on, besides the people, is the cold. But that doesn't mean you shut things down. You still go to work, take the kids to school, hit the grocery store and hunt. Which is why an NRA Women on Target clinic is the perfect fit for the 49th state.

More on Alaska's Women on Target Instructional Shooting Clinics ...

Support the NRA and the shooting sports at Friends of NRA dinners in Oklahoma, Washington, Virginia and more

Friends of NRA

Fairfax, Virginia - Here are the next batch of upcoming Friends of NRA banquets across the country courtesy of Nicole McMahon, NRA Event Marketing and Communications Manager.

The 2013 season is slowing down, but what a season it's been. To date, Friends of NRA has raised $30 million for the shooting sports - a new record! None of these events would have been possible without the hard work of our dedicated volunteers. All money raised at banquets goes right back into supporting the shooting sports - half into national programs and half into local and state programs where the banquet was held.

To attend an event in your neighborhood, check the Friends of NRA website for a list of upcoming events in your state. Bookmark that page while you're at it because next year's events will begin popping up soon.

Find out where Friends of NRA dinners are happening ...

From the Alaska Department of Fish and Game - Predator Control Program Provides Meat for Western Interior Villages

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game logo Department of Fish and Game staff conducted a predator control program May 13-27 in Game management Unit 19A designed to increase the number of moose and the harvest of moose in the unit. The program was approved by the Board of Game at the request of local hunters concerned about low moose numbers. It is scheduled to be conducted in 2013 and 2014.

ADF&G Staff members removed a total of 89 bears (84 black bears and 5 grizzlies) in a 530 square mile “Bear Control Focus Area” within Game Management Unit 19A which encompasses nearly 10,000 square miles east of Aniak in western interior Alaska. The Bear Control Focus Area is located south of the Kuskokwim River in what formerly was the best moose hunting area in the Unit.

“Our objective was to reduce black and grizzly bear numbers to as low a level as possible within the Bear Control Focus Area,” said Regional Management Coordinator Roy Nowlin.

More on Alaska's Predator Control Program ...

From the Alaska Department of Fish & Game - Tier II Hunt Scheduled for Southern Alaska Peninsula Caribou: A Predator Control Success Story

Taking an Alaskan Caribou (KING SALMON) – A new Tier II subsistence hunt for Southern Alaska Peninsula (SAP) caribou is scheduled to open this fall in Game Management Subunit 9D. Composed of split fall and winter seasons, Permit Hunt TC506 will run August 1 through September 30 with a bag limit of one bull, and from November 15 through March 31 with a bag limit of one caribou (either sex) for hunters who do not harvest a bull in the fall.

The application period for this season’s hunt will be May 1 through May 31, 2013. Online applications ( must be submitted before 5 p.m. on May 31, 2013. Hard-copy applications must be postmarked by May 31 in order for the application to be accepted. To hunt caribou in Subunit 9D, hunters must possess a valid Alaska resident hunting license and the Tier II permit.

More on Alaskan Caribou Hunts ...

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