From Crosman Corporation - Crosman wins Readers' Choice Awards from Predator Xtreme magazine

Choice Gold awards from Predator Xtreme magazine

Presented at 2013 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Rochester, New YorkCrosman Corporation (, international designer, manufacturer and marketer of products for the shooting sports, received two Readers’ Choice Gold awards from Predator Xtreme magazine; favorite airgun and preferred hunting pellet. The awards were announced at the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Houston, Texas and are featured in the June issue of the magazine.

According to Crosman Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Lambert, “We’re thrilled to be recognized by the readers of Predator Xtreme magazine for our excellent hunting airguns and pellets. Especially now, when hunters are having trouble finding the ammo they need for hunting, we’re glad they know they can turn to Crosman and get the job done,” she said. Predator Xtreme magazine caters to predator and varmint hunters, and includes up-to-date information on predator calling, hunting and the gear used to be successful in the field.

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Top Air Rifles and Air Pistols Available at NRA Convention's 10-Meter Air Gun Range

Pyramyd Air Gun Range at the NRA convention in Houston

Houston, Texas - Regardless of your age, one of the most fun activities at an NRA Annual Meeting is the Pyramyd Air Gun Range. Located on the third floor in room 310, the range provides the perfect opportunity to plink a few shots off. (And rest your weary legs.)

Sporting the latest and greatest in air rifles and air pistols, this convention center room has been converted to a 10-meter air gun range with over a dozen lanes. Does that sound like fun? Of course it does.

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Try the latest air pistols, air rifles during this year's NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Fairfax, Virginia - In just four days more than 70,000 people are expected to converge on Houston's George R. Brown Convention Center for the 142nd NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. We're expecting a record-setting crowd of Second Amendment supporters to come out and and enjoy a fun weekend catching up with us - a lot has happened since last year's convention in St. Louis.

With so much to see and do, having fun at the NRA convention can get downright tiring. There are plenty of places throughout the convention center to take a seat and rest your weary legs, but only one where you can do it with an air gun.

Welcome to the Pyramyd Air Range.

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Your AR-15 rifle shoots pellets with Crosman's MAR 177 attachment

Crosman's Chip Hunnicutt with the MAR .177 at the POMA Conference in South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina - Patiently waiting by the Crosman table, I overheard their Web and Social Marketing Manager (Chip Hunnicutt) absolutely gushing over one of their products. Usually I'm good about waiting my turn, but my patience waned soon enough as I began climbing over another writer's shoulder for a better look.

"Step on up son," said Hunnicutt. "Let me tell you about the Crosman MAR 177."

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Tackling the task of showing your gratitude at an NRA match

NRA's Tori Croft holds up her thank you gifts from the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships

Columbus, Georgia - A secret mission was carried out two weeks ago during the 2013 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships.

Tori Croft, NRA's National Manager of Collegiate and School Programs, had worked tirelessly to ensure the championships ran smoothly. Without her, the tournament wouldn't have happened.

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Everyone from this year's NRA Intercollegiate Championships in one place

Collegiate shooters at the NRA Club Championships in Ft. Benning, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia - At some point during each of the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships and NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships, held earlier this month, staff wrangled every shooter and coach together for a group photo.

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The NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championship's deciding final match

Finalists of the NRA Open Air Pistol Championships

Columbus, Georgia - The last of the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships' five matches this year was Open Air Pistol.

Like in the Women's Air Pistol Championship shot two days prior, the match is shot with 4.5 mm caliber air guns. Competitors take a standing, unsupported position and, when ready, fire on a target from a one-handed stance.

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Shooters put their John Hancocks on posters before heading home

2013 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships poster

Columbus, Georgia - Last week's NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships and NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships at Fort Benning, Georgia brought over 150 young shooters together from every corner of the United States.

Aside from the memories they'd take home in the form of photographs and (for some) trophies, Match Director Tori Croft had another great memory-creator to add to the mix - posters.

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Revisiting The Citadel's big day as South Carolina's military college comes out on top

A standard pistol on the range at NRA's 2013 Intercollegiate Pistol Championships in Georgia

Columbus, Georgia - Yesterday's Standard Pistol Championship saw The Citadel, the military college of South Carolina, make a strong bid to grab this year's Team Aggregate Championship belt.

By winning Standard Pistol with a score of 2132, The Citadel bested West Point by eighteen points and the Naval Academy by thirty. If they follow up that performance with a similar showing in Open Ait Pistol, there's every chance The Citadel will be known as the NRA's 2013's overall champ.

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