Multi-gun champ Horner featured by Army Marksmanship Unit

Daniel Horner of the Army Marksmanship Unit is a champion multi-gun competitor

FORT BENNING, Ga. — In showcasing the U.S. Army and the very best of Army Soldier skills, Soldiers from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit are expected to win regardless of the competition around them. Since joining the unit in 2006, Staff Sgt. Daniel Horner has embodied that notion and worn it on his sleeve.

Horner is a member of the unit’s Action Shooting team and in the sport of Multi-gun shooting there is Horner and then there is everybody else. Horner recently won his fourth consecutive United States Practical Shooting Association Multi-gun National Championship in Las Vegas and his fifth overall.

“A champion expects to win every match,” said Horner. “A winner goes to compete and see how it turns out. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn’t. A champion goes to a match and tells everybody to start engraving the trophy, because it’s mine.”


WOA participant Marie shoots a plate rack during the 3-gun competition
Marie shoots a plate rack during the 3-gun competition at Rockcastle Shooting Center

Park City, Kentucky - As promised, we have more photos from yesterday's multi-gun competition at the NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure. Over the course of the morning, the ladies blasted their way through three different stages, utilizing the skills they learned earlier this week.

We also learned who led the pack during the competition. Angela grabbed first place in the competition, followed by fellow participants Heather and Marie. The trio will take home shirts from Rockcastle Shooting Center as a reward for topping the leaderboard.


Women's Outdoor Participant Beverly moves to her next target during the multi-gun competition.
Women's Outdoor Adventurer Beverly moves from target to target during the multi-gun competition

Park City, Kentucky - Today's activities at the Women's Outdoor Adventure centered around multi-gun competition. Over the past few days, the ladies spent a good deal of time learning the ins and outs of rifles, pistols and shotguns. That was all in preparation for this morning's multi-gun events.

Instructors created three courses of fire for the women to complete. Using the firearms they received training on with this week, each ran through the course while being scored for time and accuracy. And in the true spirit of sportsmanship, every competitor was showered with cheers of encouragement and praise while they made their run. There was also a little friendly competition brewing as they rushed to check on each other's score upon completion of each stage.


WOA participant Raquel sets her sights on the rifle range

Parck City, Kentucky - Earlier we took at look at the Group A "Alphas" pistol shooting that took place this morning at the Women's Outdoor Adventure, but just a few birms away, the ladies of Group B were rockin' their rifles. Led by champion shooter Kay Clark Miculek along with instructors Dianna Lierdorff and Judy Woolley, the ladies shot .22 caliber Smith & Wesson AR-15-platform rifles. 

In addition to learning marksmanship skills with each firearm, participants of the Women's Outdoor Adventure are also getting a chance to receive individual instruction from some of the shooting industry top competitors, including Miculek, Lierdorff, and Woolley. 


Smith & Wesson shooter Julie Golob signing pictures at the NRA Convention in St. Louis.

St. Louis, Missouri - If you're every having a discussion about the best female shooters in the world, then you better throw Bianchi Cup regular Julie Golob into the mix. The Reader's Digest resume reads 15 World Championships, 22 National titles and more than 100 titles in State, Regional and International Competitions. For some people that'd be more then enough. Not Julie.

In addition to achieving the ranks of world class shooter, she's also a mom – and now – an author. Title Shoot: Your guide to Shooting and Competition, it covers her tips, techniques and an explanation of all the gun lingo a newbie (or noob) needs to know.

"The number one questions I get in emails, tweets or in person is how do I get started," Golob explained. "They're so confused by the acronyms involved with shooting sports. There's so many out there. I was approached to write the book and thought I'd be able to provide a great primer to handle it all in one place."


This NRA Club Leadership & Development webinar focuses on NRA Youth Programs and Competitive Shooting

Interested in bringing some new programs to your shooting range or club? Then join NRA Clubs and Associations for an upcoming NRA Club Leadership & Development webinar to learn how to start a youth program and how NRA can help you get started. The webinar will also provide an overview of the NRA Competitive Shooting Division's wide range of activities in shooting disciplines, for shooters of all skill levels.

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Back in 2010, we introduced you to Clint Upchurch, who was at the time, one of the nation's fastest up-and-coming 3-gun competitors. He had clinched wins in the Open Division at both the Adams Arms Ozark 3-Gun Championship and at Ft. Benning, besting legendary shooter Jerry Miculek. After enjoying a great deal of success on the 3-gun circuit over the past two years, the South Carolina shooter has found himself back in the spotlight on Hot Shots, right next to Miculek, his friend and his toughest competitor.

In order to beat someone like Miculek, you have to be good. But is there a word that can really describe Clint as a shooter? Words like "fast", "accurate", and "focused" all come to mind, but I'll let you take a look at Clint in action and he'll tell you how he describes himself as a shooter. I think you'll agree.

Be sure to tune in to Hot Shots on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. EST on NBC Sports to check out Clint and other great shooters including Miculek, Dave Sevigny, Patrick Flanigan, KC Eusebio, and Randy Oitker.

Participants enjoy shooting at an NRA Women's event Ladies, are you looking to get away after a long winter? The NRA has just vacation you're looking for - the new NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure. After being cooped up inside all winter long, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and learn how to shoot in the company of other women. Scheduled for April 30 - May 7, 2012, the NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure will be held at Park Mammoth Resort's Rockcastle Shooting Center, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky.

This event has everything you're looking for: fun, excitement, adventure, and relaxation. By day you'll enjoy heading to the range for pistol, rifle, and shotgun shooting, complete with instruction from some of the country's best shooters and instructors. You'll have the chance to try your hand at different types of competitive shooting as well; from sporting clays, to Cowboy Action shooting, and even tactical style 3-gun competition. When you're not on the range, a host of outdoor activities are on the agenda including horseback riding, a zip-line, canoeing, golf, and the chance to tour historic caves in the area.

In the evening, you'll be spending time with new friends during a wine and cheese social, watching a fashion show of hunting and outdoor apparel, listen to music froml local performers, and even enjoying a cowboy-style cookout.


FNH takes from the best and brightest shooters for new team in 2012

Shooter Greg Jordan is one of six addtions to Team FNH USA
Greg Jordan (in green) is just one of six new shooters joining Team FNH USA.
Team FNH USA is off to a great start in 2012. Just a few weeks ago, team members Mark Hanish and Tommy Thacker faced off in the 3-Gun Nation Finale Shoot-Off, with Hanish taking second place and Thacker winning first place – and $50,000. The two split their winnings and donated $20,000 to charity, helping their team start the year with a strong presence both on and off the range.

Now they’ve added even more fuel to the fire by adding six new members to their shooting team. Joining the ranks are former Top Shot contestants Chris Cerino and Ash. Well-known 3-gun competitors Karla Herdzik, Greg Jordan, Joe Satterfield, and Jayson Smith have also been added to the roster.

These six are joining not only Hanish and Thacker, but other top shooters including Larry Houck, Dianna Lierdorff, Erik Lund, Ken Pfau, and country music star Mark Wills.

To learn more about Team FNH USA’s newest shooters, check out 3-Gun Nation for more info and access to all things 3-gun. For more about FNH USA, visit

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