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Top tips from top Instructors at the NRA Convention in Indianapolis

NRA Instructors

Indianapolis, Indiana - The NRA Instructor Seminar at this year's Annual Meeting was the largest on record. With almost 500 signing up for the exclusive event, the venue was changed not once, not twice, but three times. That's right - it was bigger than even we expected it to be.

In addition to hearing about the latest and greatest programs coming from NRA Headquarters, instructors also had the chance to hear from some of the top practitioners in the field like Mike Hughes of NextLevelTraining.

More on Courtney's tips for the NRA Instructor in everyone ...

The I.C.E. RAC Kydex Holster: Range and Carry Holsters’ Finest Hour
The I.C.E. RAC Kydex Holster
Firearm writer Kevin Reese put the I.C.E. RAC Kydex Holster through it's paces and found the results quite surprising.
American Rifleman has tips on not taking tips on the rangeFirearm writer B. Gil Horman has heard a lot about training. So much so that he has a list of five things you should never listen to.
NRA Insights magazine giving away a LaserLyte Trainer Bullseye KitNRA Family InSights, the entertaining & educational magazine for Jr. NRA members, is giving away a LaserLyte Trainer Kit.
What blended learning means when it comes to firearms training
National Training Manager John Howard speaks at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis
NRA's Education and Training Department is putting the final touches on a brand new blended learning program for new gun owners.
Smith & Wesson adds .22 Compact Pistol to the M&P lineSmith & Wesson Corp. has added a new model to the company’s flagship line of M&P® polymer pistols in the form of the M&P22 Compact.
State of the art ballistic solver for long range rifle trajectories on iPhoneApplied Ballistics' highly-anticipated iOS version of their mobile app, 'Applied Ballistics Mobile', is available on iPhone & Android.

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Catch Courtney's tips for NRA Instructors from the Annual Meeting
NRA Instructors
There were several highlights from the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. One, Matthew Courtney, brought the house down.
NRA welcomes new National Coach Trainer Daniel Subia from Arizona
NRA National Coach Trainer Daniel Subia and NRA National Training Manager John Howard
Daniel Subia, NRA's new National Coach Trainer, learned his craft while shooting with his father and with his classmates at the Naval Academy.
refuse to be a victim
Avoid IRS scams with tips from NRA's Refuse to be a Victim program
NRA's Refuse to be a Victim program
NRA's Refuse to be a Victim program is back with more tips on how to keep you and your information safe from scam artists.
winchester marksmanship program
Improve your marksmanship with the Marksmanship Qualification
Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program
Work on your aim at your own pace, alone or with a group, through the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program.
nra headquarters range
Lars' Best of 2013 #3 - The Women of the National Rifle Association
Emily Miller fires a GLOCK .45 at the NRA Headquarters Range in Fairfax, Virginia
The rise in popularity of NRA's Women's Programs and the celebrities who helped it along are the #3 story of the 2013.

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