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American Rifleman and NRA Museum provide background for Discovery Channel debut - video below

Colt Single Action Army hammer to cylinder Fairfax, Virginia - Late last month, a crew from Discovery's American Heroes Channel (AHC) descended upon the National Firearm Museum for an afternoon of education. Education from our experts on the guns that made the Old West - that made the Gunslingers.

An effort by AHC to profile the major gunfights and gunfighters from the Old West, Gunslingers debuts tonight at 10:00pm eastern with "The Tombstone Vendetta". Here's a quick description from the AHC website:

Exposing little-known facts about America’s first villains and heroes, the six-part series features the stories of Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok, John Wesley Hardin and Tom Horn. Juxtaposed with vivid reenactments, expert commentary is layered throughout each episode to ensure the authenticity and historical accuracy of each story. Contributors include: David Milch, the creator of Deadwood; Bob Boze Bell, the executive editor of True West Magazine; and actor Kurt Russell (Tombstone).

More on NRA Experts talking Colt Single Action on American Heroes Channel ...

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