NRAblog Editor Lars Dalseide at the 2012 SHOT ShowLars Dalseide, Editor
Lars has been working in the communications field for more than twenty years. Interning for Past NRA President David Keene right out of college, he eventually moved from the political to the commercial realm with a focus on computer hardware and the Internet.

After earning a Masters from Georgetown in Social & Public Policy, he became a producer for NRANews until ultimately joining the NRA General Operation’s Media Relations staff in the fall of 2008.

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03-18-2010Stay tuned for live coverage from this weekend's Range Development conference
01-23-2010SHOT Show 2010 through the eyes of our Brownells NRA Youth Ambassadors
01-21-2010SHOT Show 2010: Cushman pushes
01-21-2010SHOT Show 2010: South Dakota press conference at 2:30 p.m. today
01-21-2010SHOT Show 2010: the two-hour challenge
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01-18-2010Live coverage of 2010 SHOT Show begins
01-13-2010NRAblog's Sturgis now NRA Certified Instructor
12-01-2009NRAblog is in the Ammoland spotlight
11-12-2009From the Museum Store: NRA Christmas Ornament
10-31-2009Around the NRA: gift cards + ammo at NRA HQ range
10-07-2009From the Museum Store: The Book of Colt Firearms
09-22-2009National Police Shooting Championship competitors represent their agencies
08-04-2009NRAblog takes a shot at Smallbore Silhouette
06-01-2009Young NRA Members enjoy 138th Annual Meetings
05-31-2009Find the perfect gift for dad at the NRA Store
05-31-2009Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association turns 100
05-29-2009NRA's largest gun collecting affiliate meets in Ohio
05-28-2009Sportsmen keep coming to Missouri shooting club
05-26-2009The NRA Whittington Center rides back to New Mexico
05-25-2009Annual Meeting's Concealed Carry course
05-25-2009"Smallest big gun" at NRA's 2009 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona
05-22-20092009 Bianchi Cup Sponsor: Shell Sorter
05-22-20092009 Bianchi Cup Sponsor: Zero Bullets
05-22-20092009 Bianchi Cup Sponsor: Smith & Wesson
05-22-20092009 Bianchi Cup Sponsor: Federal Premium Ammunition
05-21-20092009 Bianchi Cup Sponsor: David Clark Company
05-21-20092009 Bianchi Cup Sponsor: Ammo-Safe, Inc.
05-21-20092009 Bianchi Cup Sponsor: Brownells

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