NRAblog Editor Lars Dalseide at the 2012 SHOT ShowLars Dalseide, Editor
Lars has been working in the communications field for more than twenty years. Interning for NRA President David Keene right out of college, he eventually moved from the political to the commercial realm with a focus on computer hardware and the Internet.

After earning a Masters from Georgetown in Social & Public Policy, he became a producer for NRANews until ultimately joining the NRA General Operation’s Media Relations staff in the fall of 2008.

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02-27-2015See Wayne LaPierre's speech at CPAC 2015 live on NRAblog
02-24-2015Virginia's Deer & Wild Turkey harvest drops while Black Bears see historic highs
02-23-2015Shooting Academy opens in India
02-23-2015NRA Defender Dog Collar & Lead from the NRA Store
02-22-2015Aimpoint's Micro T-2 makes waves at Media Day
02-22-2015Utah's buck to doe ratio rises as hunting license deadline comes due
02-20-2015Deadline for Montana elk, deer & turkey hunting licenses coming in March
02-20-2015The High Sheriff's Springfield XD Sub-Compact
02-19-2015There's a new license plate available for Pennsylvania hunters
02-18-2015War finished Webley & Scott revolver - the workhorse of the Empire
02-18-2015Hawaii opening archery hunting in the Puuanalulu Game Management Area
02-18-2015GAMO Outdoor bringing back the Squirrel Master Classic
02-16-2015Creating style with NRA's Highland Waxed Canvas and Leather CCW Vest
02-15-2015Family Fun Zone makes final push for the Great American Outdoor Show
02-14-2015Skullworks solves the missing head and mount problem at Great American
02-13-2015Lebanon Daily News talks to the patrons and vendors of the Great American Outdoor Show
02-13-2015Find the thrill of 3-Gun with an AirSoft twist at Great American
02-12-2015Great American Outdoor Show producing for vendors & city of Harrisburg
02-12-2015Pennsylvania bear hunters have 7th best season on record
02-11-2015Images from Day 5 of the Great American Outdoor Show
02-11-2015Gator, ostrich and more appear as jerky, meat sticks & sausage at Great American
02-10-2015Pyramyd Air air gun range puts smiles on Great American faces
02-10-20155 things not to miss at the Great American Outdoor Show from LancasterOnline
02-10-2015Shots from Day 3 of the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg
02-09-2015Sports America’s Trout Pond catches smiles at Great American Outdoor Show
02-09-2015NRA MAG-LOCK Case secures pistol like a hard case with a soft case
02-08-2015Shots from Day Two of NRA's Great American Outdoor Show
02-08-2015Maps make the mark for what's new at the Great American Outdoor Show
02-08-2015What to do on Day Two of the Great American Outdoor Show
02-07-2015Shots from Opening Day of NRA's Great American Outdoor Show
02-07-2015Crowds line up for the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg
02-06-2015They're teaching firearm safety and Refuse to be a Victim at Red Dot
02-06-2015Stacking and unpacking for the Great American Outdoor Show
02-05-2015It's NRA Weekend at your favorite Cabela's store
02-04-2015Collegiate Shooting Opportunities at the Great American Outdoor Show
02-03-2015Hornady calls for the return of Zombie Hunters to the Heartland
02-03-2015Texas A&M Corps of Cadets honors WWII alumnus with General Easley Award
02-03-2015Deer hunting numbers drop almost 9% in Ohio as seasons draw to a close
02-02-2015Find your Great American Outdoor Show deals at the NRA Store
02-02-2015Allentown Outdoor's highlights NRA's Great American Outdoor Show
02-01-2015Smith & Wesson Victory Model joins H&K P9 pistol on Curator's Corner
02-01-201565% of Maine's moose hunters found successful during 2014 season
01-31-2015Feral goat and sheep hunting opening in Hawaii
01-30-2015Short Range Training Ammunition comes to SHOT from Always on Target
01-30-2015Kentucky hunters take nearly 145,000 deer in the 2013-14 season
01-29-2015See Jesse James at NRA's Great American Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania
01-29-2015Get out for some good snow goose hunting this weekend in Arkansas
01-29-2015Townhall spends some time at the NRA Headquarters Range
01-29-2015Mississippi's final Youth Waterfowl Hunting Day of the season is January 31

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