NRAblog Editor Lars Dalseide at the 2012 SHOT ShowLars Dalseide, Editor
Lars has been working in the communications field for more than twenty years. Interning for NRA President David Keene right out of college, he eventually moved from the political to the commercial realm with a focus on computer hardware and the Internet.

After earning a Masters from Georgetown in Social & Public Policy, he became a producer for NRANews until ultimately joining the NRA General Operation’s Media Relations staff in the fall of 2008.

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12-15-2014Colt Official Police Revolver finds a spot on NRA News
12-15-2014LaserMax presents the 3rd Annual Women's Outdoor & Shooting Industry dinner
12-15-2014Free Upgrade to 3-day Shipping for your NRA Store Xmas gifts
12-15-2014Maryland repoening muzzleloader deer season on December 20
12-12-2014NRA Sharp sets sights on six unique Winchesters inside the NRA Museums
12-10-2014Pennsylvania buck presumed to be the largest typical on record
12-08-2014Charter Arms' .44 Special Bulldog presentation to NRA Museum
12-08-2014More than 350 rifle athletes take part in Winter Airgun Championships
12-07-2014NRA Store's Quick Access Pistol Box secures your favorite handgun
12-07-2014Iowa DNR shares shotgun shell and rifle casing wreath designs for hunters
12-05-2014How TacTissy came to life - on the internet that is
12-05-2014Deer season for muzzleloading hunters in Michigan opens today
12-04-2014Beretta set to unviel two limited editions of thier 90 Series pistols
12-04-2014A Girl and A Gun makes an appearance on CNN
12-04-2014New Jersey's six-day firearm deer season opens on December 8
12-03-2014Size up your favorite cartridge to American Rifleman's Top 5
12-03-2014Yamaha holding a "Real Tough" sweepstakes for those working outdoors
12-02-2014Pennsylvania hunters take nearly 2,500 bears in the 2014 season
12-01-2014A Curator's case of a .22 Colts Woodsman Match Target semi-automatic
12-01-2014Deer season for muzzleloaders and other primitive firearms in Mississippi
11-30-2014Hang your NRA Tactical Christmas Stockings by the chimney with care
11-30-2014First day of Sunday hunting in Maryland as firearm deer season opens
11-28-201410 Black Friday sales for the firearms industry
11-27-2014Happy Thanksgiving from the folks at NRAblog
11-24-2014St. Etienne Model 1873 Revolver, the Mummy gun, on NRANews
11-24-2014Ruger adds 3-inch barrel model to the LCRx revolver line
11-23-2014NRA Store's "Grab and Go" 72 Hour Food Fire Filter Kit
11-23-2014Nine-days of firearm deer hunting begins in Wisconsin
11-20-2014Around the NPSC: High Sheriff's 9mm STI Springfield Pistol
11-20-2014West Virginia Division of Natural Resources predicts great deer season for 2014
11-20-2014Firearm Deer Season opens on December 3 in Kansas
11-18-2014Colt signs $70 million Senior Secured Term Loan
11-17-2014See a Texas Ranger's Model 94 Winchester on NRA News
11-17-2014Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources unveils new hunting & fishing app
11-17-2014Win a signed copy of Top Shot Chris Cheng's new book Shoot to Win
11-17-2014Duck season starts for Mississippi hunters after Thanksgiving
11-16-2014Connecticut's firearm season for deer hunters begins on Wednesday, Nov. 19
11-16-2014Buck unsheathes the NRA Special Edition Paradigm Knife
11-16-2014Texas Parks & Wildlife joins Texas Hawking for World Falconry Day
11-15-2014Cold and rain fail to dampen opening day of Delaware's deer season
11-14-2014Bass Pro Shops unleashes RedHead's new The Hunt Folding Saw
11-13-2014American Hunter shares ten tips every deer hunter should know
11-13-2014Today starts 14 days of Pre-Black Friday sales at Cabela's
11-12-2014Deleware hunters taking rifle and bow to coyote season
11-10-2014Barry Goldwater's American Long Rifle takes center stage on Curator's Corner
11-10-2014Deer numbers surge while elk numbers slow for Montana hunters
11-10-2014Check out the NRA Executive Double Old Fashioned Glasses
11-09-2014Joe Mantegna shares his first gun, last gun, and next gun
11-09-2014Sportsman Channel to feature a Salute to Service Veterans Day Tribute
11-07-2014Prairie dogs still considered a protected species in the state of Utah

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