NRAblog Editor Lars Dalseide at the 2012 SHOT ShowLars Dalseide, Editor
Lars has been working in the communications field for more than twenty years. Interning for NRA President David Keene right out of college, he eventually moved from the political to the commercial realm with a focus on computer hardware and the Internet.

After earning a Masters from Georgetown in Social & Public Policy, he became a producer for NRANews until ultimately joining the NRA General Operation’s Media Relations staff in the fall of 2008.

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09-19-2014Team fire shots from NRA's National Police Shooting Championships in New Mexico
09-18-2014Border Patrol's Robert Vadasz wins 6th National Police Shooting Championship
09-17-2014Vadasz claims Open Class 3000, closer to 6th National NRA title
09-17-2014Robert Vadasz begins 6th National Police title chase with Semi-Auto win
09-17-2014Your chance to win an in-studio experience on NRANews' Cam & Company
09-17-2014Opening ceremonies at the National Police Shooting Championships
09-16-20145 shots from the revolver stage of National Police Championships
09-16-2014Challenge period for Distinguished Semi-Automatic Pistol Championships closing
09-16-2014Texas smallbore shooter Katie Bridges takes 3rd at World Championships
09-16-2014Preliminary scores for NRA's Open Class Semi-Automatic 1500 Championship
09-15-2014NRA Tactical's Vertx® Gamut+ Backpack carries concealed and packs supreme
09-15-2014Watching the Semi-Automatic 1500 Pistol Championship fly
09-15-2014Semi-Auto 1500 pistol starts National Police Championships in New Mexico
09-15-2014Noto and Sun lay claim to Tactical Police Competition titles
09-14-2014Taking the steps to understand Tactical Police Competitions
09-14-2014Jones from Albuquerque PD captures 2014 New Mexico Challenge
09-14-2014Double Shotgun Plus run at NRA's Tactical Police Competition in Albuquerque
09-13-2014New Mexico Challenge is first step to National Police Shooting Championships
09-11-2014Unaired clip of Michael Bane's appearance on NRA Gun Gurus
09-11-2014Plenty of bear hunting opportunities in West Virginia
09-10-2014The National Police Shooting Championships to start in Albuquerque
09-10-2014Fall bow hunting season begins in certain parts of New Jersey this weekend
09-10-2014New Mexico raises 2015 Bighorn Sheep tags to all-time high
09-09-2014Christopher Shine of N. Liberty Iowa PD, NRA's Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
09-08-2014Ruger's hybrid chamber lets Gunsite Scout Rifle shoot 5.56 NATO
09-08-2014Start National Preparedness Month with Critical Food Supply from NRA Store
09-08-2014Utah holding special waterfowl, chukar and partridge hunts for youths
09-07-2014Vanderlinden explores the Great War's beginning for American Rifleman
09-07-2014New York state gets an early start on bear hunting season
09-05-2014Grouse hunting in Minnesota opens on September 13
09-04-20143 colors of revolvers from High Standard at the NRA Museum
09-04-2014New Mexico approves pellet gun hunting for doves, grouse, and squirrels
09-04-2014Catch Whitetail Week from American Hunter magazine
09-04-2014Kentucky opening quota hunts for deer, small game, waterfowl and bear
09-03-2014Transfer your Arizona big game tags to groups working with disabled vets
09-03-2014GLOCK brings pieces, parts and accessories to Brownells
09-02-2014Beretta offering free time and ammo for test fire at the NRA Range
09-02-2014South Carolina releases all-time antler records online
09-02-2014California offers nonprofits fundraising opportunities with big game hunts
09-01-2014Show off you status with Membership Mugs from the NRA Store
08-31-2014American Rifleman breaks down the U.S. Army's M1C Garand Sniper Rifle
08-29-2014USA Shooting introduces the team behind the ISSF World Championship Team
08-29-2014Utah raises bobcat limits from three to six, maintains cougar caps
08-28-2014Final regulations in place for New York's crossbow hunting season
08-28-2014NRA Refuse to be a Victims tips on protecting your identity
08-27-2014Wyoming places new bag and possession limits on Blue and Ruffed Grouse
08-26-2014NRA Museum highlights Spanish Colonial Rifles on Curator's Corner
08-26-2014Department of Agriculture sending $3 million to Iowa's Habitat and Hunter Access Program
08-26-2014North Carolina's Dove Hunting Season opens on Labor Day
08-25-2014Nuisance bears lead to increase in Wisconsin hunting quotas

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