From Magpul - Moe M-Lok Hand Guards

M-LOK Hand Guards and Accessories We have a number of new products available to ship now:

MOE M-LOK Hand Guards in Carbine, Mid, and Rifle lengths, all with our new M-LOK slots for improved versatility. MSRP $29.95-$39.95

The PMAG 25 M118 LR/SR GEN M3 Window, 7.62x51 Magazine for use with longer-than-SAAMI-spec match ammunition up to 2.830" OAL. MSRP $22.95

The MIAD/MOE Lube Bottle Core comes standard with the MIAD GEN 1.1 Grips, but is now available for use with MOE, MOE+, MOE-K2, MOE-K2+, and MOE AK Grips. MSRP $14.95

The M-LOK Offset Light Mount, Polymer is a lighter weight, inexpensive version of our Aluminum Offset Mount that allows for the direct attachment of the Surefire® M300/600 series of Scout Lights® or other MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny light mounts. MSRP $17.95

In addition, starting January 5th, we'll begin shipping the M-LOK Rail Covers, TYPE 2. These low-profile, two-piece covers install directly onto most M-LOK aluminum hand guards, are non-orientation specific to allow the user to mount them in any direction desired without affecting function, feature beveled contours to minimize potential snagging, utilize our TSP texture for additional grip, and protrude only slightly more than 1/8" from the mounting surface to maintain a low-profile. Includes six panels, each covering one M-LOK slot. MSRP $12.95

From the Wyoming Game and Fish Department - Sage-Grouse Numbers Up

Sage Grouse image courtesy of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website. Cheyenne, Wyoming - The numbers of male sage grouse on leks, or mating areas, was up around 10 percent this year over last year, according to data recently compiled by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Just under 20,000 male sage grouse were counted this year on about 1,100 leks. This summer’s crop of grouse chicks also appears to be much improved over recent years.

Game and Fish Sage Grouse Coordinator Tom Christiansen said the increased numbers of birds are largely due to the good moisture conditions.

More on Wyoming's Sage-Grouse numbers ...

From the Wyoming Game & Fish Department - Upland Bird Hunters Made Aware of Daily bag limit and possession limit for blue and ruffed grouse has been eliminated - from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department websiteNew Regulations for Blue and Ruffed Grouse

Green River, Wyoming - With the Sept.1 opener for many upland game species right around the corner, bird hunters are alerted there are some significant changes in the hunting regulations for this fall.

The combined daily bag limit and possession limit for blue and ruffed grouse that has been in place for a number of years has been eliminated and upland game bird hunters will be allowed to take a daily bag limit of three blue grouse and a daily bag limit of three ruffed grouse. The possession limit for each species will be nine.

Now that hunters are allowed to take separate daily bag limits of blue grouse, ruffed grouse, chukar partridge, gray (Hungarian) partridge or sharp-tailed grouse, hunters will need to retain evidence of species on all game birds in their possession while in the field. The new regulation states that, excluding pheasants... more on Wyoming limits on Blue and Ruffed Grouse ...

From the Wyoming Game & Fish DepartmentApplication Process for G&F Hunter Management Area Permission Slips Goes Online - Bison now Included

Wyoming bison hunt goes well Green River, Wyoming - Hunters who have obtained a license in one of the hunt areas where there is also access through the Game and Fish Hunter Management Area (HMA) program can start obtaining permission slips for a number of these areas beginning July 14.

Anyone interested in hunting on a HMA must have a permission slip prior to accessing the area. Some HMAs are limited in the number of permission slips. In areas where permission slips are limited, permission slips are issued either on a first-come, first-serve basis or through a random drawing. The Game and Fish website explains the issuance method for slips in the various HMA areas.

More on filing out your Wyoming hunting paperwork online for the 2014 season ...

From the Wyoming Game and Fish Department - Drawings Held for Resident Elk, and Resident and Nonresident Deer and Antelope Licenses

Kyle, a 16 year old from South Carolina, was able to fulfill his dream of harvesting a bull elk this fall. Born with spina bifida, Kyle is bound to a wheel chair, but it hasn't slowed him down or tampered his outdoor spirit - from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Facebook page Cheyenne, Wyoming - The 2014 drawings for resident elk and resident and nonresident deer and antelope licenses are now in the books and hunters can check their results on the Game and Fish website or by calling (307) 777-4600.

Refund warrants for those unsuccessful in the drawings will be mailed in the next several weeks followed by the licenses mailings for those who were successful in the drawings.

As is usually the case, a number of areas have licenses remaining. A total of 5,886 full price antelope licenses are available along with 6,504 reduced price doe/fawn antelope licenses... Find out more about the results of Wyoming's elk, deer, and antelope drawing ...

From the Wyoming Game & Fish Department - Application Deadline for Resident Limited Quota Elk, Deer, Antelope Licenses is June 2

the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Cheyenne, Wyoming - Wyoming resident big game hunters are reminded the deadline to submit applications for limited quota elk, deer, and antelope licenses is June 2. The deadline is June 2 this year because May 31 is on a weekend. When deadlines fall on weekend dates the Game and Fish accepts applications through 12 a.m. on the next business day.

Hunters are reminded that Game and Fish has switched to a total online application process. Last year, the final year where paper applications were accepted, more than 95 percent of applications were received online.

Find out more about Wyoming's Limited Quota Elk, Deer, Antelope Licenses ...

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks partner with Wyoming Game and Fish Hunter Education Program test tomorrow's hunters

Shooting at muzzleloader at 3-D targets during NRA's International Youth Hunter Education Challenge in Raton, New Mexico

Pierre, South Dakota - With the International Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) Championship a touch more than two months away, today's young hunters are flocking to their local YHEC competitions in an attempt to qualify for the national event. Believing in the old adage of killing two birds with one stone, South Dakota and Wyoming are teaming up to take care of the of their kids in one fell swoop.

Here's the plan.

More on South Dakota and Wyoming teaming up for NRA's YHEC ...

Become an effective long range marksman this summer with NRA Outdoors

NRA Outdoors Long Range Hunting/Marksmanship School

Tulsa, Oklahoma – NRA Outdoors has announced the dates for its 2014 Long Range Hunting/Marksmanship Schools, conducted at the R&K Queen Mountain Guest Ranch in Evanston, Wyoming. The four day courses teach the fundamentals of long range shooting, shaping attendees into effective marksmen with the knowledge and confidence to make shots up to 1,000 yards.

Long Range Hunting/Marksmanship Schools feature hands-on instruction by experienced NRA Certified Instructors and some of the industry’s foremost authorities on long range shooting. Classes explore in-depth topics such as ammunition selection, reading weather, bullet placement, spotting skills, maintenance, and more.

More on the 2014 NRA Outdoors Long Range Hunting/Marksmanship School ...

From the Wyoming Game & Fish Department - Spring Turkey Hunting in the Black Hills

Joe Petty's Merriam Turkey

Sundance, Wyoming - Turkey hunters in the Black Hills should be prepared to cover more ground and take a few extra days to harvest a mature tom this year. Although improving, turkey numbers have not yet bounced back from a decline during the severe winter of 2010-2011 and subsequent poor poult production and survival. Generally speaking, hunters should expect to see gobbler numbers at, or below last year’s numbers.

Black Hills area wildlife biologist Joe Sandrini, of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, said wild turkey production since 2008 has been generally below average, and mortality was very high during the winter of 2010-2011 due to persistent deep snowpack. As a result, turkey numbers have declined in the Black Hills, although Sandrini believes the downward trend is beginning to reverse itself thanks to a better hatch last spring.

More on turkey hunting in Wyoming's Black Hills ...

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