Become an effective long range marksman this summer with NRA Outdoors

NRA Outdoors Long Range Hunting/Marksmanship School

Tulsa, Oklahoma – NRA Outdoors has announced the dates for its 2014 Long Range Hunting/Marksmanship Schools, conducted at the R&K Queen Mountain Guest Ranch in Evanston, Wyoming. The four day courses teach the fundamentals of long range shooting, shaping attendees into effective marksmen with the knowledge and confidence to make shots up to 1,000 yards.

Long Range Hunting/Marksmanship Schools feature hands-on instruction by experienced NRA Certified Instructors and some of the industry’s foremost authorities on long range shooting. Classes explore in-depth topics such as ammunition selection, reading weather, bullet placement, spotting skills, maintenance, and more.

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From the Wyoming Game & Fish Department - Spring Turkey Hunting in the Black Hills

Joe Petty's Merriam Turkey

Sundance, Wyoming - Turkey hunters in the Black Hills should be prepared to cover more ground and take a few extra days to harvest a mature tom this year. Although improving, turkey numbers have not yet bounced back from a decline during the severe winter of 2010-2011 and subsequent poor poult production and survival. Generally speaking, hunters should expect to see gobbler numbers at, or below last year’s numbers.

Black Hills area wildlife biologist Joe Sandrini, of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, said wild turkey production since 2008 has been generally below average, and mortality was very high during the winter of 2010-2011 due to persistent deep snowpack. As a result, turkey numbers have declined in the Black Hills, although Sandrini believes the downward trend is beginning to reverse itself thanks to a better hatch last spring.

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From the Wyoming Game & Fish Department - Wyoming Hunters Enjoy Near Record Elk Harvest

Cheyenne, Wyoming - Hunters often talk about the good ol’ days when it comes to their favorite fall ritual, but for elk hunters the good ol’ days are now as revealed by recently completed Game and Fish harvest surveys.

For the second year in a row, Wyoming elk hunters had a banner year with the elk harvest for 2013 topping more than 25,000 animals. Estimated harvest was 25,968 elk for the year, surpassed only by the record 26,365 elk taken in 2012. By comparison, in 1995, elk harvest was 17,695 elk, more than 8,000 fewer than the Wyoming harvest of the past few years.

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From the Wyoming Game and Fish Department - February 28 is Deadline to Apply for Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Moose and Mountain Goat

The National Bison Range, image courtesy of USFW Cheyenne, Wyoming - Hunters who are interested in getting their application in for moose, bighorn sheep, wild bison and mountain goat are reminded that the deadline to apply is February 28.

Beginning this year all applications must be submitted online. And the system will not take applications that are submitted after 5 p.m. on the deadline date.

Bison hunters are reminded that starting this year, applicants are required to submit the full license fee at the time of application .... more on Wyoming's 2014 online hunting applications ...

From the Wyoming Game and Fish Department - Drawing Completed for Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat Licenses

Results in for Wyoming Moose, Sheep and Goat license draw Cheyenne, Wyoming - Wyoming’s version of the lottery was held last week with 733 resident and nonresident hunters hitting the jackpot in the annual drawings for moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat licenses.

Game and Fish records show that 485 moose licenses were issued, 399 of which went to residents for overall drawing odds of 4.3 percent. Nonresidents received 86 licenses for a total drawing percentage of 5.9 percent.

For bighorn sheep, 212 total licenses were issued with 159 going to residents, resulting in drawing odds of 3.4 percent. Nonresident sheep hunters bucked even more difficult odds with 2,038 hunters putting in for 53 licenses ... more on Wyoming's 2013 hunting lottery ...

From the Wyoming Game and Fish Department - Wyoming has Record Elk Harvest in 2012


the Wyoming Game and Fish Department CHEYENNE - Favorable hunting conditions, long seasons, and a growing elk population allowed Wyoming hunters last year to post the highest elk harvest ever recorded in the Cowboy State.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s recently completed harvest survey revealed that 57,331 hunters harvested 26,385 elk for a 46 percent success rate. This bested the previous high of 25,692 elk taken by hunters in 2010. Over the past 10 years, Wyoming hunters have averaged over 22,000 elk harvested annually with a hunter success rate of greater than 40 percent.

Biological Services Supervisor Bob Lanka said the exceptional harvest is attributable to a robust elk population. “We are in the golden age of elk right now,” Lanka said. “Climatic conditions in recent years have been favorable for elk and the population in much of the state has been on the increase.”

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After Top Shot, Terry Vaughan planning to embrace the open range and mountain tops of Wyoming

Top Shot Terry Vaughan at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

Earlier this week, told you about Top Shot Englishman Terry Vaughan and his experience after the History Channel show. At the end there was talk of his move to Wyoming. Here's how it happened:

Las Vegas, Nevada - Moving from one end of the pond to another doesn't sound like that big of a deal. But it is when the pond you're referring to is the Atlantic Ocean. That's what Terry Vaughan — former dancer, British Royal Marine Commando and Top Shot contestant — did a number of years ago.

Now in the states, as a nationally recognized expert on non-verbal communications and an experienced NRA Certified Instructor, he is making another move. Not across the pond, but across the nation. That's right, he's picking up the business, the wife and the kids and moving them all to Wyoming.

Apparently Top Shot colleague Tim Trefren is to blame.

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Longtime readers of NRAblog might remember Jon Draper from his days in NRA's Law Enforcement Division. You might also recall that you haven't heard much about him the past few months. That's because he moved over to our very own American Hunter Magazine.

In his most recent effort, Draper shares the story of a pronghorn antelope hunt in Wyoming:

Pronghorns on Sunday
Not every state allows Sunday hunting, which made Assistant Editor Jon Draper's Wyoming pronghorn hunt all the more memorable.

“What day is it again?” I repeated the question for the 10th time, grasping the Weatherby between my legs, a smile plastered to my face. The feeling of “sticking it to the man” had been coursing through my body since I woke that morning. I was giddy. I knew the answer: Sunday. And while most hunters won’t realize the significance of this day, those from my home state of Virginia know it all too well. In Virginia, there is no hunting on Sunday. Luckily, I had 360 degrees of pure Wyoming surrounding me. We exited the truck and I loaded three rounds into my rifle. Glassing out past the waterhole, where an unknown species of duck seemed to taunt me, we saw the buck crest the hill a few hundred yards off and Casey, my guide, said, “You ready?”

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Matt and Jessie Duff visit the National High School Finals Rodeo in Wyoming

Fairfax, Virginia - We're now more than half way through the third season of Friends of NRA's on the Outdoor Channel. Hard to believe, right? It seems like it was only a week ago when Matt and Jessie kicked off the new season.

But there's no time for lamenting ... let's look at this weekend's episode.

On Sunday's show, the Duffs head to the Cowboy State known as Wyoming. They are there to trade in their baseball caps for the more traditional cowboy variety. Once arriving in Rock Springs, Matt and Jessie mosey on over to the NRA and Weatherby-sponsored National High School Finals Rodeo (NHSFR) — an event that brings in kids from all over the world.

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