Keep the kiddies safe and happy on All Hallows' Eve

Mom and son Trick or Treating at the NRA National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - Bethany Mullen, NRA's Refuse To Be A Victim® Program Coordinator, sent up the following tips for keeping all your ghouls and gobblins safe this Halloween:

  1. Know what route your children are taking to trick or treat and impress on them how important it is for them not to diverge from this route.
  2. No shortcuts. Fields, alleys, paths through the woods; all will take a few minutes off their journey but at night, in the dark, those shortcuts hold a danger of their own.
  3. Know where they are at all times.
  4. Make sure they never to go into anyone's house. Predators might ask the child to come into their house and wait while they "go get more candy." Tell your child to tell their parents and move onto the next house.

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Annette Doerr of WeShoot2 shares firearm related lessons learned from the equine industry

Annette Stevens-Doerr upon her horse, Cody

Firearms and horses go together like peanut butter and jelly. Well, for me, strawberry jam. That's why after reading NRA Certified Instructor Annette Doerr's piece on WeShoot2 about the ten things her horse taught her about shooting I begged her to let us re-publish it here on NRAblog.

Ten Things My Horse Taught Me About Shooting

1. You get what you pay for. The old saying “You get what you pay for” is absolutely true. I once got a “great deal” on a water bottle for trail riding. It seemed handy, hooked over the horn of my western saddle and then secured around the fender. Sounds great, right? Well the first time we used it was when my husband (not exactly an equestrian) took my horse on a Poker Run with some friends of mine. It was all good, until my horse started spinning and bucking. Seems the nylon strap that hooked the water bottle over the horn came undone causing the full water bottle to drop onto my horses shoulder, spooking him as it banged into him every time he moved.

Now imagine getting a “great deal” on a cheap holster. Is securing your firearm something you REALLY want to skimp on? ... more on lessons learned about shooting from a horse ...

Students, parents and coaches arrive at PA College for week long NRA competition


Wolf Creek Outfitters' Mia Anstine arrived in Pennsylvania this weekend for 2014 NRA International Youth Hunter Education Challenge. Taking place in the Appalachian Mountains, here's her look at the opening ceremonies ...

Mansfield, Pennsylvania - There were plenty of smiling youth on site at Mansfield University last night as more than 300 attended the opening ceremonies for this year’s International Youth Hunter Education Challenge.

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Outdoor writer Tammy Ballew looks back at the adventures and career of Renaissance Outdoorswoman Sheila Link

Sheila Link showing off her quail

I am honored to know Sheila Link and have had the opportunity to hunt with her. If we could turn back the clock, I would give anything to spend more time with her, listening to her adventures, struggles and quests ...

Jersey City, New Jersey, seems like an unlikely birthplace of a passionate outdoorswoman, but on July 25, 1923, an extraordinary individual was born there. When she was 6- 1/2, Sheila’s family moved to California. Many lengthy journeys were made back home to New Jersey and New York City to visit grandparents, which instilled a comfortable confidence in Sheila through the very different lifestyles of casual western to dressy, formal eastern.

At the age of 13, Sheila, without parental assistance or approval, purchased her first rifle. That little .22 instilled in her a lifetime love of the shooting and hunting sports. She has hunted throughout the U.S., in Canada, Argentina, Mexico, and Africa, and became an avid shooter in several shooting disciplines, along with learning the art of reloading for rifle, pistol and shotgun.

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Pistol Instructor Training taught by Women For women at NRA Convention in Indianapolis

Women teaching women how to shoot at an NRA Clinic Indianapolis, Indiana - We have a question for the female firearm enthusiasts out there.

Ever think about becoming an NRA Certified Instructor? Don't want to bother with the regular classroom setting? Well how about making it all happen at the NRA Convention this year in Indianapolis?

Starting on the first day of the Annual Meeting, a few dozen ladies will gather at the Indiana Convention Center for a three-day NRA Pistol Instructor course. Better yet — all the instructors are women.

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Smith & Wesson presents women's success stories in the gun world

NRA Women, presented by Smith & Wesson

Fairfax, Virginia - There are a number of stereotypes out there when it comes to firearm ownership. Some are correct, most are wrong, and hardly any of them have anything to do with the role women play in the firearms community. That's why the NRA came up with

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Downtime essential to a successful upcoming shooting season

Julie Golob meets with fans at Smith & Wesson's SHOT Show booth in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada - Just like like football, baseball and golf, there is a season for the sport of shooting. A time when amauters and professionals alike gather to test their skills in hopes of winning a title or two. But what happens during the off season? How do you handle it? Run laps? Lift weights? Donate an inordinate amount of brass to the local gun range?

We asked Smith & Wesson shooter Julie Golob about the most important component of her down time.

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Female focused stories leg out a triple for the National Rifle Association

Emily Miller fires a GLOCK .45 at the NRA Headquarters Range in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - Sliding into third for the top NRAblog stories in 2013 goes to the women. A collection of women to be more precise.

So why go with three instead of a single story? Because each of these found a spot in the top ten. One at number 4, one at 8 with the final piece standing in the 10 spot. After seeing that, I had no problem throwing the collecting into third.

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Huntresses from Missouri, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Colorado send turkeys our way

Lea, the little gal, shows off her turkey claws

Fairfax, Virginia - The only holiday with a chance of supplanting Christmas as America's #1 family celebration is Thanksgiving. Earmarked for the fourth Thursday of November (or the second Monday of October in Canada), it's a time travel from one end of the country to the other for a chance at mom's pumpkin pie, Aunt Jenny's cornbread stuffing and grandma's famous sweet potato mash.

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