Nick Mowrer the United States Naval Academy secured the individual and team championships respectively during the Open Air Pistol Championship

Columbus, Georgia – The last day of the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships saw all shooters assemble in the USAMU's Pool indoor range for the final championship of the week, Open Air Pistol.

The United States Naval Academy had its eyes on a fourth team championship to take back to Annapolis and Nick Mowrer, the senior for Pikes Peak, looked to once again sweep the individual championships and retire from the collegiate championships on a sweet note.

Shot from a distance of ten meters, the Open Air Pistol Championship's course of fire is fairly straightforward - 60 shots over one hour and 45 minutes.

Ten meters might not be very far, but trying to make 60 extremely precise shots turns the match into one of attrition.

Are your shots becoming less accurate because your arm is getting tired? You better hope the fatigue is afflicting everyone else too. Shoot a 7 and your opponents can gain on you or strengthen their lead. Every shot counts.


Navy's Emily Meyer wins the NRA's 2012 Women's Air Pistol Title for the U.S. Naval Academy

Columbus, Georgia - Members of the U.S. Naval Academy's pistol team arrived at the NRA's Intercollegiate Club Championships thinking of nothing but titles. With yesterday's Women's Sport Pistol Team match in the bag, there was an overwhelming belief the they'd be heading back to Annapolis with plenty of spoils. If they ran the table during Women's Air Pistol, it would mean three out of the four 2012 women's trophies would reside at the Academy until next year. They better start making some room.

The Women's Air Pistol Championship drew large crowds to the United States Army Marksmanship Unit's Pool Complex. Some to cheers on their teammates and friends, some to see if Navy could pull off the run.

Stepping to the line with air pistols in hand, fourteen female shooters focused on the task at hand — firing forty carefully aimed shots down the ten meter indoor range. By the time it was over, The United States Naval Academy shooters locked up the Women's Team Aggregate with a final score of 1102. West Point, finishing number 2 on the board, ended up 25 points behind with a 1077.


Top Two Female Pistol Shooters from 2011 meet again in 2012

Heather Deppe takes aim on her way to the Women's Sport Pistol title
Heather Deppe takes aim on her way to the Women's Sport Pistol title

Columbus, Georgia – Last year, the United States Naval Academy's Kirstin Asdal edged out the United States Military Academy's Heather Deppe for a 655.3 to 653.9 victory in the NRA's Intercollegiate Women's Sport Pistol Championship at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Those same two shooters found themselves in the finals again this year. It was evident, however, that Deppe spent a good deal of 2011 eating her Wheaties as she came back to Georgia with a vengeance — a crushing score of 663.3 dwarfed Asdal's 634.8. Deppe's overwhelming performance meant that the two would trade their positions from last year as Deppe claimed the NRA's 2012 Intercollegiate Women's Sport Pistol title.


2011 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships - Women's Sport Pistol

Women's Sport Pistol Championship was shot during the second half of day two at the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships.

The championship is shot in two courses. The first is the Precision Course of 30 shots. Six series of five shots in an allotted time of five minutes per series.

The second course is the Rapid Fire Course. Like the one before it, this course is six series of five shots. Where the two courses differ is during each of the series the target appears five times, for three seconds each time, and pauses for seven seconds between each appearance. Only one shot may be fired during each appearance. 


2011 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships - Women's Air Pistol Championship

Yesterday afternoon the Women's Air Pistol Championship was shot at the USAMU's indoor 10 meter range.

The top 15 ranking women who fired in the 2011 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Sectionals' air pistol event were invited to compete for the individual title, while the top five teams were extended an invite for the team match.

Women shooters from the United States Naval Academy, United States Military Academy, MIT, Ohio State, and Citadel lined up and fired 40 shots at 10 meters for one hour and 15 minutes. 

At its end, the three women from the United States Naval Academy stood victorious with a final team score of 1086.

For the individual finals, the top eight women were selected to face off against each other one more time. Kirsten Asdal, Hsuan Chu, Heather Deppe, Alejandra Dorado, Catherine Drake, Kim Hullings, Leilah Johnson and Emily Meyer each took ten more shots before Emily Meyer of the United States Naval Academy, who entered the finals in second and trailing the leader by three points, was the 2011 Womens Air Pistol Champion with a score of 470.8. Emily additionally had the high finals score of 99.8.


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