ACUI shotgun tournament brings hundreds of shooters from dozens of colleges

Bethel University shooter at the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - Hoofing it back to the skeet fields at the NSSA-NSCA National Shooting Complex, hundreds of collegiate shooters with shotguns and dreams welcome the day's American Skeet Championships.

Developed as a method of perfecting wing-shooting skills for bird hunting, skeet quickly grew into a competitive sport of its own. Its practically the same competition as International Skeet. The primary differences is that American Skeet is a little easier and tends to produce higher scores.

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Texas A&M University's Brandy Drozd takes Ladies' International Skeet title

Ladies International Skeet shotgun final at the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas - Yesterday's mens and ladies International Skeet finals began as natural light began to fade at the NSSA-NSCA National Shooting Complex in San Antonio.

One by one, the top six men and women from the day's match were called to settle 2013's individual titles. A final round of skeet and shotgun. Well... unless there was a tie.

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