The man behind McDonald v. Chicago confirmed that 2nd Amendment rights apply to every state in the union

NRA President Jim Porter addresses the 2014 Annual Meeting of Members in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana - A number of issues and legislative battles were discussed at this year's Annual Meeting of Members in Indianapolis. Michael Bloomberg, Eric Holder, the 2014 elections and more. But one presentation truly touched thousands in the Sagamore Ballroom that day — NRA President Jim Porter's reflection of Otis McDonald.

McDonald is the McDonald behind the Supreme Court Case McDonald v. Chicago. It was his belief that he had the right to defend his home and family with a firearm. Here's a quick recap from Wikipedia:

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NRA President cuts ribbon to open the doors of NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

NRA President Jim Porter welcomes patrons to the 143rd NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

Indianapolis, Indiana - Friends, family, patrons and members jammed the Indiana Convention Center halls as NRA President Jim Porter patiently waited to officially open the 2014 NRA Convention in Indianapolis. The 143rd NRA Annual Meeting, to be exact, burst at the seams as 1st Vice President Alan Cors shouldered the morning's emcee duties.

With a smile and a wave, he welcomed the crowd and prepared all for the experience to come.

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Jim Porter to take NRA reigns as David Keene's two-year term comes to close Monday

New NRA President Jim Porter at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston

Houston, Texas - The 2013 National Rifle Association Annual Meetings & Exhibits President David Keene's last as his two-year term expires at the end of the weekend. The 2013 National Rifle Association Annual Meetings & Exhibits will be the last for President David Keene. Not the last he shall attend, but his last as President. Keene's two-year term will expire at the NRA Board of Director's Meeting on Monday.

Taking over for Keene will be current NRA's First Vice President, Birmingham, Alabama attorney James W. Porter II. A longtime NRA Board member and Second Amendment activist, Porter has accomplished immeasurable good for the Second Amendment and the NRA. He also has a bit of a competitive shooting background.

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2011 Sierra Trophy winner James Young on NRAblogPort Clinton, Ohio - The NRA first starting awarding the Sierra Trophy during the Long Range High Power Rifle Championships at Camp Perry back in 1999. Made from granite, with a wooden base, the trophy bears the logo of ammunition manufacturer Sierra - The Bulletsmiths. Every year since 1999, the Sierra Trophy goes to the marksman who shoots the highest aggregate score for the Herb "Doc" Aiken Memorial match and the Edward D. Andrus Memorial match. And just to make it interesting, they must be shot with a Palma rifle.

This year's winner, shown to the right receiving the award from NRA First Vice President James Porter, was James Young of Lugoff, South Carolina. With a score of 398-20X, Young edged out Dave Crandall of Idaho by a single shot. Not a small feat with those Palma rifles!

We'll have more recaps and reviews from the 2011 National Rifle and Pistol Championships at Camp Perry throughout the year.

Earlier this week, NRAblog sat down with NRA Second Vice President James W. Porter, II at the Long Range High Power Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio.

When did you get your start in the NRA?

I was elected to the board for the first time about twenty years ago. Then there was a break of service for a few years, but since 1997 my service has been consecutive.

NRA Second Vice President James Porter Sounds like a long time.

Well I was sort of born into the NRA. Literally, it’s my family. My dad (Irvine C. Porter) was on the board and served as President in 1959-1960. I practically grew up in Camp Perry over the first 18 summers of my life. It was a wonderful group of people. Alice Bull and her family. The Lymans, Charlie, Wally, Big Charlie and Pearl. Mr. Whittington and everyone was here – all part of the NRA family.

They use to have a board meeting here during the national matches every summer. So you had most of the board members and most of the officials in the organization here. People like Harlan Carter. It was just a wonderful group. And an absolutely fabulous way for a youngster to grow up.

Back then the military was still running things. That meant mess hall grub - which was perfect for a kid like me. More

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