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Developing more female NRA Certified Instructors has been a major goal of the Women's Programs Department these last few years. Many women want to learn to shoot and are looking for another woman to show them the ropes - that's where NRA's cadre of female instructors comes into play. Arizona's Amber Kunau recently joined that group, earning her certification as an NRA Certified Instructor. Amber shared her experience with NRAblog and explained what led her to get her certification and how she's using it to train others.

NRA Certified Instructor Amber Kunau Becoming an NRA Certified Instructor was something I had thought about frequently so when I saw classes listed at my local range (Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club) it seemed like the perfect time to jump in and get to work. I started with the Range Safety Officer (RSO) class done by Jim Neff of Generations Firearms in Mesa, Arizona. The RSO class taught by Jim was interactive, informative and fun. After the great experience I had in the RSO class, I knew that getting my instructor certification with Jim was going to be nothing less than a great experience and the knowledge I would take away would be invaluable to me as a firearms instructor. In fact, I enjoyed that class so much I signed up for several more and went on to get my instructor level training in Pistol, Personal Protection Inside The Home, and Personal Protection Outside The Home and still have upcoming instructor classes in my calendar for Rifle and Shotgun.

The biggest thing that I took away from these classes is that students learn by doing. A great instructor doesn’t just stand in front of the class and just talk. Instead, a great instructor gets the class involved in mock “real life” scenarios and great discussions which gets everyone thinking on their own and working hard for their certification. I also learned that a good attitude is an absolute necessity.


Range Kits include everything a students and instructor needs

NRA Senior Training Program Coordinator Steve Hoback let a few inside scoops loose before making his way home for the pending three day weekend. Apparently NRA's Education & Training Department is working on a couple of special deals for trainers and students alike.

Brownells’ Instructors and Student Kits

There are a few necessities that every NRA Certified Instructor needs; eye protection, ear protection, dummy ammunition, florescent target pasters, etc… Now thanks to Brownells, all of our instructors will soon be able to pick up all those items with one simple purchase.


Steve Hoback at NRA range
NRA Senior Training Program Coordinator Steve Hoback firing a World War II era General Motors "Grease Gun"
I popped on up to Steve Hoback's (Senior Training Program Coordinator for NRA's Education & Training Department — aka E&T) office yesterday to find out what was new with E&T.

"Have you heard about the Defensive Pistol course," he asked? No, no I haven't.

Following great anticipation after the initial announcement, it appears that NRA Defensive Pistol classes are about to become a reality.

Created as to bridge the gap between Basic Pistol and the ability to carry concealed, Defensive Pistol concentrates on the skills and mindset necessary to adopt such an undertaking. All that's left is putting the final touches on the syllabus and developing the instructors.


With her Uncle at the helm, 12-year old Courteney completes NRA Basic Pistol Course with flying colors

There are many reason why you should learn how to handle a firearm; to feed your family through hunting, to protect your home or to challenge yourself with courses like the Winchester Marksmanship Program. No matter what the reason, the first thing you have to do is figure out what course is right for you.

In Ohio, there's one 12 year old girl who figured out what was right for her. Luckily enough, she had an uncle there to guide her way. And he was nice enough to send us a note about the class:


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