U.S. Border Patrol's Robert Vadasz leads Semi-Automatic 1500 at day's end

Robert Vadasz reviews his performance at NRA's Open Class Semi-Automatic 1500 Championship in New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistol 1500 is not only the first showdown for the National Police Shooting Championships, it's also a heck of a barometer for the Grand Aggregate title? Why is that? Because today's average law enforcement officer is more likely to carry a semi than a revolver. That means if you're going to pull ahead, you better get to it when the getting is good.

That doesn't mean you're out of the aggregate title hunt if your semi numbers aren't stellar. No, there's a shot (pun intended) if you rack up some serious numbers in the shotgun and revolver categories, but why race from behind when you can lead from the lead. I know, but it sounded good in my head.

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Simplest things like the wrong pair of pants can keep you from the title

Firing a semi-automatic pistol at 25 yards during NRA's National Police Shooting Championships

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The Semi-Automatic Pistol 1500 is the first match of this year’s National Police Shooting Championships. Called the 1500 because a perfect score nets the shooter a clean 1500 points, competitors are called on to fire from 3, 7, 15, 25 and 50 yards.

“It would have been a lot better if I hadn’t thrown a zero,” said Cecil Doss of the California Highway Patrol. “I was wearing the wrong pants.”

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Skill based course with five firing areas for shotgun and pistol

ICE agent settles on shotgun during NRA Tactical Police Competition

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Tactical Police Competitions were created for one thing and one thing only - training. They simulate relatively the same amount of stress and tension as law enforcement officers might face on the streets every day. Relatively. Because there is no substitute for the rush of adrenaline accompanied in a real life or death situation.

This weekend in Albuquerque, the National Rifle Association has put together six courses to test our men and women of law enforcement. Each come with their own set of obstacles.

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500+ law enforcement officers from around the globe heading to New Mexico

Robert Vadasz shows his empty rounds at NRA National Police Shooting Championship in New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Monday, September 15, hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement officers from around the United States (and the globe) will come together at Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park for the 2014 National Police Shooting Championships (NPSC). Three days of individual matches followed by a team event on Thursday.

2014 marks the 53rd year of NPSC - the 9th in Albuquerque.

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ICE Agent explains why he competes and trains for NRA Tactical Police Competitions

ICE Agent Arlo Arcinas walking through one of NRA's Tactical Police Competition courses in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Standing approximately five feet six inches tall with a touch of gray scattered about his the black matted coiffure, you probably wouldn't think that Arlo Arcinas as a federal agent just by looking at him. He doesn't exactly fit the physical stereotype. But that's one of the things that makes him such a valuable asset. That and the skills that earned him a spot on the ICE National Pistol Team. He's been there so long, he was on the team before there even was an ICE.

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Remington 11-87 Police Shotgun gets attention on the range

Left barrel view of Patrolman Charles Blohm's 11-87 Remington Police Shotgun

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The National Police Shooting Championships usually earns a spot in the highlights every year. 2013 is no exception.

Way out west under the Albuquerque sun we were there to see Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz returned to successfully defend his title, Stephanie Diaz won her 5th overall Women's Championship, and Jose Ortiz walked away with his first Shotgun Crown.

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Pink pistol zeroes in on High Woman title at NRA National Police Shooting Championships

Right side action of Det. Stephanie Diaz's pink 9mm Nowlin at the NRA Police Championships

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Halfway through the first day of competition at the NRA National Police Shooting Championships is a time for rest. Take in your results, grab a quick snack and make ready for the afternoon push. Some are cruising along while others are already out of the hunt. Soon will be time for championship #3 — Stock Service Semi-Automatic.

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LAPD's Stephanie Diaz brought out her trusty Smith & Wesson for Day 2 of Championship

A Smith & Wesson Model 14 Revolver used by Stephanie Diaz in the NRA National Police Shooting Championship

Albuquerque, New Mexico - One thing Stephanie Diaz learned on her way to winning High Woman at this year's National Police Shooting Championships is that you don't need a Smith & Wesson Model 14 Revolver to do it ... but it helps.

"To be competitive in these competitions, I decided that I was going to need a good collection of guns," said Daiz, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. "My Smith Model 14 is a perfect example of a really good gun."

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Diaz doubles up for 1500 and Distinguished matches with Nowlin 9mm

Right side action of Stephanie Diaz's 9mm Nowlin World Cup 1500 PPC semi-automatic for NRA's 2013 NPSC in New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Those who read our first piece on the Guns of Stephanie Diaz series may remember that she's ambidextrous. The right hand is for revolvers and the left is for semi-autos. Since last we went with her right, it seems only fair that we go with the left this time out.

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